Lets Roll the Tape!

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It really is true, not to be argumentative, but when you're just coming of age and starting to go out to bars and clubs and trying different things, you do notice that when you drink one thing you get in this kind of mood, and when you drink another you get in that kind of mood, and it is admittedly fun to play around with in a way. We as alcoholics, even if we had that experience once and it progressed in to alcoholism, we feel cut off from something others get to enjoy, in a sense.. If we focus too much on what they are doing, the fun they seem to be having, and THEIR experience with alcohol, we start to become nostalgic and we start to think maybe we can get back to that, and we can relapse. That is why people are seeing the original post here and slamming the brakes on and trying to get the OP to slam his brakes on as well and stop that train of thought before it takes him down that road.

Just saying.

Insomnia has taken over tonight, sorry.
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I like to roll the tape backward to the last drunk if I get a craving. While the fine folks at Arapahoe House were mostly pleasant, the sleeping arrangements weren't ideal.

I don't know what the OP has to do with rolling the tape.
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I was mainly a beer drinker, but other types of booze made me feel pretty much the same way, just varying on how FAST I got drunk. I've also heard others talk about how different booze makes them feel a certain way, and I always thought that was kind of silly. Alcohol is alcohol, and I'm sure it's perception or assumptions on their part.
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Originally Posted by Maudcat View Post
Sometimes, and forgive if I am wrong, Steve, but sometimes you sound like you are in a dark place.
That's the nice way of saying it.

Yeah, its a b!tch right now. I'd appreciate the thoughts and prayers. Love this place, really I do. But sometimes I really hate the world and all that moves.

(heh.. that rhymes!!)
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I live in a dark place, the Pacific Northwest in wintertime!

We used to have a drink, an expensive bottle of single malt scotch that I won't glorify by naming it, but it was sublime in the dark of winter. I used to say that scotch either tasted like furniture polish or furniture polish remover and this was definitely the polish. We could drink it the day after the night, if you know what I mean. Anyways, we usually took it easy and stuck to beer because our scotch was so expensive but sometimes someone would visit our lair and get fooled by this awesome bottle and the (horror) stories are legendary to this day. Whiskey is definitely one thing in this life that I have had quite enough of!
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