Dog Died

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Awe I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. That is so hard.
I am sure he was super lucky to have you in his life though.
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Leaflet, I'm so sorry for your loss, but as your vet said, at least it was sudden and he was spared any suffering. It's wonderful that you adopted him and provided him with a loving home.
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Sorry for your loss.
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I'm very sorry that you are having to go through this but I'm glad you are able to do so sober and to feel the feelings vs. drowning them out.
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So sorry for your loss Leaflet. You are in my thoughts
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I'm so so sorry. As a mommy of 2 dogs I can imagine how difficult it is. Bless you for caring for him. Your heart will heal and he'll be a pleasant memory.
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Oh man, I can only imagine the pain you are feeling in your heart. I love german shepherds and have had them my whole life! You are such a beautiful soul for having given that guy a home in his last months and he didnt have to die on some cement floor in a cold shelter or out on the streets. Im sure he appreciated you so much! Im so very sorry about your heartbreak, I definitely understand the pain of loss but we dont have to drink through our pain/grief. We can spend our time just thinking and smiling and yes even crying and be present to our feelings.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. The bonds we make with our pets are very, very special. You provided him with a home, where he was loved and cared for. And they do know they are and were loved, it stays with them whatever happens.
Take good care of yourself. Huge hugs to you.
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Very sorry for your loss Leaflet!!
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Condolences on the loss of your special dog.
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I'm sorry for your loss. It's wonderful you gave him a good home for his last days. I'm sure he loved you for it.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog, but I'm super proud of you for staying strong. It's wonderful you saved it and gave it a loving home.
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I'm so sorry leaflet. I know how special fur babies are too and I know my old guys time is coming soon. Good for you for staying strong.
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That is very sad. It's so, so hard to lose an animal that has been in our lives.

I think that one of things I could never do in active alcoholism was 'sit with' my feelings. I always had to DO something to avoid them. Drinking or other acting out behaviour to distract myself from the real issue, rather than dealing with it.
I suppose grieving is pretty much sitting with our sadness. Accepting that feeling as natural and something that is necessary so that we can mourn a passing (Human or animal) and our personal loss.

One of my teenage pupils (SEN) whose mother died, is very good with other pupils (and staff) who are going through loss and grieving and I've listened to his advice to others a number of time. I wish I could send him to you. As I can't I'll pass on the jist of what he tells the other pupils -

"It hurts like hell, but you can't run away from it cause it'll catch up with you and be even worse."
"Talking to people helps. I'm not keen on hugging and all that stuff but if you don't mind it and you've got someone there for ya then try it and see if it helps."
"Crying is fine. But it gives you a sore throat after a bit so drink lots of water. "
"Remember them. You can write letters or make a picture with photos if you like art."
"We don't forget. But it stops hurting so much to remember most of the time. There could be bad days out of the blue though. That's fine. It's just natural."

Wishing you condolence, and strength in your recovery throughout your sadness. BB
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