zjw has FIVE years today!

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zjw has FIVE years today!

Amazing and congrats on 5 entire years of sobriety. Your words of support and experience have been insightful and all your help on SR as well. Here's to five and beyond ZJW!
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Congratulations, zjw.
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DANG YOU you beat me to it lol.

I was going to post it but been depressed for a few weeks and was waiting till I got over myself lol.


If i've learned anything its that every day is a new day and each day I get to start the good fight all over again. Quiting drinking wasnt something I just did 5 years ago and moved on. Its something I do each day all over again. But in so doing the rest of my life has improved etc..
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Congrats! 5 years is amazing!
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I could see peace instead of this
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Good job with the ODAT!
It really does depend on daily maintenance.
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Well done!!!!
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zjw I am impressed also with all the dietary and health changes you made and didn't you give up smoking too?
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Originally Posted by sleepie View Post
zjw I am impressed also with all the dietary and health changes you made and didn't you give up smoking too?
yeah I quit smoking January of 2012 and changed my diet and started excercising. MAINLY because after quiting drinking alone for 6 months I still did not feel that great to be honest. So I figured I better take the next steps and fix up my diet quit the smoking and loose the weight etc.. I really started to feel better after I did that.

I think it was easier ofr me then some just because I dont moderate well lol obviously so I was kinda ALL IN with these changes. and I obsessed over it etc.. But it paid off.
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I am the same way zjw- all in or all out. I do not fare well with a little of this and a little of that. It is easier for me knowing that I can never have a thing than to know I can have a little of it sometimes. It's just how it works.

Again, you have done an amazing job
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Congrats!! Thanks for your kind words. -BBE
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Great job zjw! You are an inspiration--
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Well done on 5 yrs and cigs and weight loss I have been successful also

Regards Stevie recovered 12 03 2006
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Congratulations, zjw!

Great job on 5 years.

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5 years - how fabulous - something to be so proud of, zjw.
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Congrats on a half of a decade of sobriety Zjw, that's quiet an amazing accomplishment! Thanks for all the time and effort you put it to supporting others here ar SR too, imagine all of those you've helped over 5 years.
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Congratulations, zjw!!
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under new management
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WOOT!!!! Way to go, zjw!!!!!!!

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Congrats on five years sober!!
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Congrats on 5 years zjw
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