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demon juice

when you shout abuse at friends whilst intoxicated, is this your true personality or the drink?
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Depends on who you ask. Sometimes I thought I said things while drinking that wouldn't say sober....yet they were true. They just weren't very nice.

Other people will argue that your mind is altered, so its not the real you.
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I'm not sure it really matters...the solution either way is to stop drinking, right?
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It's a chicken or the egg question.

That said, I know people/drink combinations that should never happen. I've had drinking buddies who could drink beer around the clock without issue but give them two shots of whiskey and they're going to jail!
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Alcohol lowers my inhibitions so anger that I might otherwise suppress can come out all the wrong ways. And really at this point, I completely change. I'm a different self. But it's still me and I'm still responsible. The only way out is to quit.
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I've always thought it was my true feelings that came out when I drank but, keep it to myself while sober. When, I heard what I said ..... I thought, yeah, that's how I feel but, did I have to get so angry about it.
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I don't think so.
I hear a woman describe how alcohol impacted her feelings and the core of her personality. She said "When the alcohol hit my system I felt that cold, steel door slam shut" disconnecting her from her normal, caring nature.
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When I drank, I was feeding my ego/lower self. Drinking did not feed my true, authentic self. It poisoned it.

So, no, I believe it was not my true personality coming through.
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I know it wasn't my true personality. Alcohol turned me into someone I didn't even recognize.
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Alcohol both lowers inhibitions and distorts rational thinking, so it allows you to loudly communicate who you really aren't.
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I drank to get out of my head and that's what happened.

Drinking ultimately pollutes my soul, turning me into a sloppy, boastful bore. -then there's the afterglow that leaves me scared of my own shadow.

None of that is me. And when I'm in those states, I speak from them.
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I don't think it's a revelation of the true self. Alcohol distorts things, so you're reacting irrationally to a distortion- and will say and do things you'd never dream of doing or saying sober.
The things I did and said were almost being said and done by another person. Responsibility was mine, but it was as though someone else had taken over.
So glad to have that in the past.
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Insanely drunk is the term used in AA. It certainly was not the real me. I was once going to do something very nasty, involving a weapon, to someone I had never met before and who had done absolutely nothing to harm me. Perfectly nice people. That incident lost me my last friend, it was his neighbours, which in turn lead to me getting help a few months later.

It was precisiely because those kinds of things were so against my nature, so against my values, that I felt bad enough to get help.

" I do not understand my own behaviour. I set out to do the things I want to do and end up doing the things I hate. For though the will to do good is in me, the performance is not".
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Thanks for the responses.
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