zjw has FIVE years today!

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Congratulations! What an inspiration!
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Congrats zjw! I enjoy your posts.
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Congrats zjw on 5 years!
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Congratulations, Zjw! Five years is awesome.
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really great to hear; congratulations, zjw!
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Congrats to zjw!! 5 years is really fantastic!

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Congratulations jzw.

I am just on 6 months and am feeling a lot like you, back then.

Things have improved heaps, but diet and exercise are a must. I lapsed AGAIN with tobacco but am back on the horse. Very good advice. Thank you.
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now's the time
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Congratulations zjw Always appreciate your perspective on here. Thank you!
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Congrats! Five years is REALLY HUGE
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So amazing!!!! What an inspiration you are to all of us!!! Much love.
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Great stuff!
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Do your best
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Excellent news congratulations
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Woohooo, thats simply brilliant zjw !
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Originally Posted by zjw View Post
If i've learned anything its that every day is a new day and each day I get to start the good fight all over again. Quiting drinking wasnt something I just did 5 years ago and moved on. Its something I do each day all over again. But in so doing the rest of my life has improved etc..
That's the way I feel too.

Congrats zjw!
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Z, you've always been one of my favorite posters here - I can relate to so much of what you write.

Well done taking back your life from the drink/smokes/potato chips/couch.

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Congratulations! I hope the depression isn't too debilitating. I'm very impressed with your attitude.
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