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I hope you’re doing great Larry.
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Not again
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Well, I left this in "Poems, inspiration,,,,," back in December,

'I'd rather be just, than just another one being,
I'd rather be loved than being in love with what the others are seeing.
I'd rather take time for taking the time to do what needs to be done.
And I'd rather enjoy the spreading of joy to the meek and the lowliest one.
For it's not in the prizes or payments reward that I work for morning and night.
It's the sight in eyes of the misunderstood in which I take my delight.
So if by some chance I misunderstand the worry and sorrow unheeded.
Please take the time to express what is mine and show me where it is needed......"

Trying to relocate to Tennessee (from Central New York (State)) so I can shovel
poop and go spelunking with my grandson.
I am fraught with despair. I have tried to be "a new me', or actually have become
altruistic, Unfortunately we live in a world of self-centered greed. I have found corruption and
exploitation of the weakest of our communities, the addicts and the homeless,
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Not again
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I'mma gonna be 60 soon, spent the last 25 yrs on a bicycle.
This past year I rode 20 miles to work and 20 miles home.
While I used to use a bunch of silly drugs, I don't have a single one
in my house. None, not even aspirin. For that I gratefully thank the Lord.

Oh, and I just got a car, because I got a little frost bite riding the bike in the winter.
Plus I'm moving a thousand miles south to biuld a farm with my daughter.
New Yorkers farming in the south, sounds like a good plan.

Hope your dreams come true too.
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congrats on all those good things larry

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Change can be a good thing. More healthy, positive
moves ahead of you.
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Congrats Larry, great to hear from you again!
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Not again
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Good morning,
I hope you are doing well, but realize if you are new here, probably not.
Please know recovery is possible, I think I've done it...and more.

The full story begins here: (Recoveredcrackhead)

That said....I now live in Tennessee. Moved here from Central New York State, to raise chickens & goats with my daughter. It is a culture shock, particularly since I am 60 years old and worked (mainly) in entertainment production. Although my time doing street homeless outreach had a big impact. I shall try to continue such good the meantime I'm struggling financial and seem to be having some difficulty finding work. But I'm comfortable with knowing... In God's time.

Oh and I just found a DAA meeting. Based on the AA book and more God centered than AA meetings. If you are trying to fully complete the 12 steps,, I hope you find.some guidance. It will save time and suffering.

Be well,
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Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude
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Hi Larry
Thank you for the update. Great purpose helping others in time of need. Farming livestock is a science I feel you will master soon if not already. Yes, culture shock for sure. NY to TN a Yankey to a Hillbilly transformation will be quite the adventure for you. I believe you will do just fine. Use your resourcefulness and intellect to overcome your temporary money shortage. Oh and God too will show the way.

I am 1 yr 5 mo free from the grip of the monster. I also use a spiritual guide along with my comorbid disorder daily treatments. Back here at SR is helping heaps and heaps more than I expected. Life is in session and I am not afraid anymore to hide behind AOD refusing to engage in life as it hits my face. I am good and I am doing good things for others. I found my bliss. I made it to the other side. I am grateful as a 67-year-old former addict. Better late than never is my motto LOL.

Will G
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