AVRT Explained (long)

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I think I want to talk with you about my sobriety.

That's a curious premise fresh start. Alcohol was just a symptom of my illness. Recovery was and still is an inside job. I believe in the 12 steps to recovery . I have found tools to deal with all my emotions.The ones that you longer drink over. Have you learned how to turn things over? I have learned that and a whole lot more, letting go of the drink was the easiest part of this illness, now comes the real work, for me . You share what works for you, I will share what works for me . Have a blessed day!
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Thanks for your take on this post, Deeker, you had to dig pretty deep to find it. Not sure what you mean by curious premise, as this is the forum where secular recovery is discussed. In fact, the mention of your program of choice here is actively discouraged. Please continue to share how your real work progresses, but maybe another forum would be more appropriate for that.
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I share many, if not most of your beliefs.
Great post, and thanks for the open and honest enlightenment about yourself.
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This is a really amazing post. Thank you for sharing this. I think it is an excellent insight for the newcombers like me.
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hey fresh,, i lv yr clarity in writing,, u say it how i feel,, and im just rubbish at putting it into words,,,,,thank you so much for sharing xx lv cleo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I feel like a new door has opened for me today. Thank you.
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Thank you for this post - I have read so much in the secular thread in the last few days. I know no longer have hope - I have resolution. I am making a choice.

That was so succinct. TY. Sv x
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Hello, everyone. New to this site so please excuse if I'm posting in the wrong place. Bare with me, I will soon figure my way around this site. To tell you a little about myself, though I have less than a week clean, I'm not new to a sober lifestyle. I first got clean back in 2004 by way of support meetings. Stayed clean just a week shy of 5 years. Fell into the belief that I can go back out again and stop whenever I wanted to. Well four years past by before I realize I couldnt. So here I am, glad to be here and ready to start over. Trying something different this time around (got a little disheartened by the support meetings) Reading Rational Recovery and learning AVRT. Please continue to post any info about this recovery system. On page 106 and must admit, lots of light bulbs have already snapped on in my head. Any extra info will be great. Thanx.
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welcome to SR Faith1000

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Hi Faith1000 and welcome

We're not too far apart in the book and from reading and posting here I also have had so many lightbulbs switched on for me.

It's all making sense, finally, and for the first time in years I have confidence in myself that I CAN do this. It's a great feeling. I hope you stick around and keep posting.
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Bump for the newcomers asking about AVRT
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And, again! Bump
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Awesome! I have never heard of AVRT, but I am intrigued! Thank you for your realism!
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Bumping this for people who could use an intro.
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Bumping for newcomers who have expressed interest.
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Definitely worth bumping!
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bumped for Marcher13 and others.
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bumped for Avocado and other new members curious about RR.
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bump for new member
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bumped for member asking questions about avrt
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