Asking for Prayers

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Asking for Prayers

Hi everyone, how do you handle someones request for prayers if you're not a believer but you want to show support? Or if everyone else is saying the 'thoughts and prayers' thing?

I mainly encounter this on SR. In Australia, outside religious circles it would be a bit awkward to introduce personal beliefs into the conversation, so I don't have much practice or ready-made set of words to say.

The best I have come up with is 'thinking of you' which sounds a bit weak.
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You could say wishing you the best possible recovery! Wishing you strength and wisdom. Those types of responses are nice and sincere. Like you have alluded to prayer holds a distinct difference in that when we speak to God or our higher power we are invoking something stronger than good thoughts or wishes. I find prayer to be very helpful. I wish you well and you have my prayers also if you like.
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'best wishes' or 'thinking of you' works.

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“Sending positive thoughts your way” or “Keeping you in my thoughts” is what I use. Although I’m religious many of my friends are agnostic or atheist so I use either of these terms to avoid hard feelings.
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People who know me would know not to ask me to pray for them.
But I often tell people I'll be thinking of them.

I think it's good to follow up with a text which doesn't ask a question.
Just "Hope you're ok. Thinking of you".
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"may The Force be with you"
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