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Yeah, i wasn't implying that i think you're a bad / negative person for using that as one of your tools for staying sober, not at all...

And i kinda thought you would agree with what i meant about preferring to be trying to get something good, rather than avoid something bad...

I kinda hoped that would illustrate what i meant, as i'm sure that is something we all recognise, giving up the drink is about making things better, not just stopping things getting worse...

That was all i meant in the first place - i can see how not drinking to avoid a bad reaction with medication would work, but in my opinion, for me, i would find it to be a fear based thing, and a bit negative - that's not to say it's like that for everyone else, and that's not passing judgement on anyone who might use it as a tool for sobriety...

I certainly didn't think you meant that was the only thing keeping you sober either!

I must be on a communication breakdown today, being misunderstood left right and centre!
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Sorry, spark. I find it hard to understand on these forums's a little limiting. No harm no foul?
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When you are left your left and when you are right you are right and when you are in the center you are neither left nor right but you are suited to run for office.
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No worries bam, all cool - i was concerned i may have offended you or seemed like i was being critical of your sobriety, that wasn't my intention at all...:ghug3

i think maybe my fingers are working quicker than my brain today, not explaining myself very well!

wouldn't want to upset anyone - this place and all of you are really appreciated! :ghug
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