An AA buddy?

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An AA buddy?

Despite my general angst about going to AA because I'm not religious, I think I kind of need to go. I can't seem to stay off the booze on my own. So as we were up to no good last night my best friend, with whom I spend ridiculous amounts of time drinking, and I started talking and he feels like it's out of control, too. So we thought since we can't seem to stop, we might go to AA together. Because I guess we both feel kind of losery about it. Not that we are losers. Losers never catch on that they have a problem and never take responsibility for it. Still though, realizing how far downhill you have gone is never a pleasant experience.

Always seems like people go to AA in hiding and it feels weird to have a friend go with me, alkie or not. If you've ever been to AA, is this typical? Not that it would stop me from going if it were not typical, I'm just curious how things work.
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I was full of fear in the beginning. I didn't know what to do/expect when I first went to a meeting. I did go alone. But after going to the meeting I found out that everyone else was just like me--as far as their struggle with alcohol/addiction. I realized that I was no longer alone.

As far as hiding--I was ashamed at first of being alcoholic--I didn't want anyone to see me go into the rooms because I didn't know what they would think of me. Since then, I now realize that I no longer care what others think..I am there for the purpose of maintaining my sobriety. I use different recovery tools--one of which is the AA program.
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That sounds good, Gneiss. I wish I could go to meetings with someone I know, preferably someone who is also a non-theist, or atleast someone who doesn't feel that only a deity can make 'real' recovery possible. I was actually really excited about going to AA the first couple of times until I found out how religious it was.
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It really isn't uncommon for people to go to meetings with friends that they make at the first few an AA buddy isn't unusual....I guess most people come alone the first time just cause they dont know anyone else who would be interested.
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A.A. buddy: Why not.

There was a time I went to A.A. as an exercise of my commitment to being sober. I think my action of going to a meeting helped me reinforce my dedication to live a sober life style. After going to a few different meetings I found a group of very colorful characters. That made going to meetings extremely interesting to say the least.
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i understand

Hi gneiss,

This may be off topic but I agree with you, you're not a loser if you have recognized your problem and want to do something about it. Good for you.

I don't have a partner that wants to change with me. I think you should look at is as lucky, you can help each other. What I am looking for is someone who can help me to, I'm totally in the closet with my problem and no one ever suspects. I wish I had a comrade.

But what you said about AA and Christianity interests me. I wish there was a group I could go to that was not associated with religion. For other people - please don't try to convince, I have read, studied and lived with religion, at this point its not for me. What can I do?

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This thread was presumably started before we instituted the '12 steps is off topic' rule in this secular forum.

In the interests of maintaining the current rules this thread is closed.

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