dry mouth from withdrawals?

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dry mouth from withdrawals?

well here i am again in a pickle lmao. so after i got off pain meds last time, i ended up getting surgery on my jaw for a implant. so ive been on and off vicodens the past 8 months. the last procedure they didnt give me anything so i been off for a week or 2 i havent been counting. had the normal leg cramps. wasnt really taking much only 5mg a day so i didnt think much of the withdrawals since ive taken way more in the past. slight dizzyness and hot flashes which i kind of expected. the new thing i havent experienced before though is my mouth is really dry. google is about useless as all their results are filtered to the exact same results every way you word it it just leads to rehabs i cant get dry mouth to even come up anywhere in search results. its quite annoying, i been trying to drink more fluids and chew gum. i noticed everytime i detox it seems like its a different side effect. last time it was a bad headache and this time it seems like cottonmouth. anyone else experience this?
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Hey Cobra. I did have cottonmouth as one of the side effects. I was addicted to hydrocodone from 2005-2012 when they were writing prescriptions out of control. I finally quit in march of 2012.
For me it always seemed like about 11-14 days of withdrawal when I would quit. I had many of the same withdrawals you had: Hot flashes/sweating, headaches, leg cramps, etc.

That was and is a very painful period for me to think of because I just could NOT stop them and they were everywhere as doctors were pretty much unregulated in my state in writing scripts. I have had to have an oral procedure as well that was pretty hardcore but I was honest about my former addiction with my oral surgeon and asked him to give me just 6 pills. I only took 4 and threw the other two away. I was amazed, though, how they really did work for pain and not produce pleasure really when they were battling the pain.

Drink lots of water and it should pass pretty quickly. I consider that a major accomplishment of my life getting off pain medication. 11 years now!!
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11 years, Og, is fantastic. You are such a voice of reason around here! I appreciate it when you comment on things. You are often so wise and have such good advice. Thank you for that!
Cobra, it's so hard when you have pain and have to take something because with people like us, ending up addicted isn't something we want. I hope your detox goes well. You sound so good mentally. You know exactly what is happening. Wishing you the best and I hope you get past this. Something tells me you will.
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I found myself to be dehydrated and yes to cottonmouth.. dry mouth.. desert mouth.. ha.

so yeah I relapsed as well. I was doing so good and got the “just one more time” urge. It isn't worth it and the hydrocodone doesn’t work.

hydros also seem to have me retain fluid.. drink a lot - see a doctor if you need to! Stay positive.
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Hi Josh - sorry you’re struggling but coming back here is a step towards freedom again, yeah?

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