5 Months

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5 Months

Living life as it comes with the main goal of not drinking.
Still get the random passing thoughts of drinking but no real urge to drink. When I do get that thought, I grab a drink of water like I did in the past and move along.
I've stopped taking my Melatonin and fall right to sleep. My total sleep time has increased but I get it in smaller chunks. My jobs flexibility/freedoms has allowed me to do this unfortunately but when I get another job my body will adjust to what should be a more normal sleep pattern.
I go the the gym 5-6 times per week with the main goal of just getting to the gym.
I've been tracking my spending for the last three months and have been able to reduce my impulse spending.
Added bonus is the money saved by not drinking the beer. It's adding up to real money at 3k now if I can tackle the cigs when I'm ready for that.
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Congratulations C0ntr0ls

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congrats on the 5 months. Sounds like things are in motion for ya. Thats awesome. They are for me as well. I'm at 212 days. I feel you on the cigs they suck . but I smoke. Got the heavy hitter out the way . booze. I was getting some exersise when I rode bike to work. To cold now. What I didnt realize is at work at the plant and warehouse is that we fitness rooms at each location. Plus they come in and do cross fit training on certain days. Super cool points. But heres the thing right now I am training for a new position at work so my schedule is all over the place. But I will implement work out time once I am settled in my new position and working a stable shift. Hey its free as long as I'm employed there. Win win. Congrats again. ✌
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Congratulations! I am a few days behind you and looking forward to starting sixth month alcohol free and fourth smoke free.

I have written several times that cigarette cravings have been much more difficult to beat than the alcohol ones for me. After many failures, this time I was determined to try something different and got 'Champix'.

I don't know where you live and whether you have access to them. In the UK I could ordered them after completing a form on-line and then collected them at the pharmacy. The secondary effects look very scary. I had none of them. It was not a miracle but it help immensely.

You don't stop smoking immediately. You decide a day to quit after 2 weeks. Perhaps it will work for you to start the 15th of December with Champix and quit on 1st January, for instance?

It is so nice to be totally clean. One 'sobriety' reinforces the other too. When I think of smoking, I know it will lead me to drink and viceversa. Feels like a double disaster after these achievements.

Good luck and well done
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Congrats on five months sober!
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Good work, yeah small but steady improvements (esp. regarding fitness) are happening my end too
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