Let's talk about how crappy wine is

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Hi Luna! Yeah, I hear that sulfates in red wine often cause migraines.

Don't feel bad about the cravings. I can't tell you how often I've experienced things like liver pain, thinking I was on the verge of cirrhosis only to crave another glass...especially times like now when it all seems distant and that feeling has faded away.
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I think this is a good reminder of the reality of wine. It helps me remember the results of it when I drank it. And I drank gallons of it.

I don't look at it the same for sure. Inside the bottle is nothing but destruction for me. The outside of the bottle just reminds me of how it's marketed to women as a cure all for the stresses of life. I think wine has destroyed a lot of women. Some of those labels make me sick to my stomach thinking about it. There are thousands of women out there silently drinking at home and suffering because of it.

I was a wino. And I was no different than the homeless person drinking from a bottle wrapped in a paper bag. Regardless what the price of it was.

Now I am a woman who doesn't drink alcohol in any form. I hope someday I can help another woman who is suffering.

And men. We don't own the whole market.
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Fascinating approach to sobriety.
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