Weekender Thread 14-17 September 2018

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Originally Posted by venuscat View Post
But instead you are going home sober.....awesome love....and hey, it was a good experience but if you are not attracted or that interested, why not try it again with someone else? This is great practice....this is how we find out who we are and who we like....

So proud of you kev....this was a big deal. ♥♥

Thank you for saying, Venus

I'm glad I no longer do things the way I did them. Being so desperate to find a connection with someone that I use alcohol and connect over the pity and suffering to someone doing the same. That may be a connection but not a very good one.
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I nearly started wearing a mouth guard. As I fall asleep, I'd snap my mouth shut and bite myself. I figured a mouth guard would help so I bought an over the counter one. Coincidentally I quit drinking around the same time. I never wore that guard as it turns out I don't bite myself sober.
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new weekender here: (Weekender Thread 21-24 September2018)
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