Been awake all night!

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Been awake all night!

..BUT this time I'm sober! It's 5 am here. One of the things AV tells me is if I don't drink then I wont be able to sleep... but then I realised when I drink I stay up all night drinking anyway... so if I'm not gonna sleep I may as well be sober while I do it.

So anyway, I have sat here for hours and absolutely devoured this website - I have read so much, my head is buzzing in a really good way! I have so much inspiration and information now, I can't stop reading and finding out so much. I feel so inspired (or it could be tiredness induced delirium, but I'll go with inspired ).

I have a plan. I feel like I now know what to do next. Tomorrow will be hard because I will be tired, but I will be backhere tomorrow, and the next day and the next day ad infinitum. I am going to do it this time - it's no good hoping I don't drink when I am the only person who can physically put that drink in my mouth!
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I stay awake all night, too. Like tonight. And I'm nine and a half years sober. Just a night owl. I'll be tired tomorrow, too. But I won't wake up hungover!
Best to you and I hope you get some zzzzzzzzzs .
I stay on here a lot too. Always find some inspiration.
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Good for you.

I like thinking of it as 24 hours at a time and checking in, in the 24 hour check in at first.
Keep it up good work
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Hi hopeful and others.Hopeful i was also awake first night sweats , anxiety , panick withdrawals and situational stress but i managed and second night physical symptoms lessened and managed some sleep and making day two. I can only say with compassion day after day after a year brain readjust. Well done . Keep on going xD
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