1 month sober, positive changes

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1 month sober, positive changes

Hi all

1 month sober yesterday! Gone from drinking at least a litre of wine every day to nothing for 4 weeks. Here are some things that have changed:

1) Liver/flank pain gone
This was a constant issue, pain in my right side. It's gone completely and did so after about 3 weeks.

2) Anxiety
I suffered anxiety throughout my drinking life. It's significantly reduced.

3) Cravings gone
The cravings have mostly gone, but it took 3 weeks of no drinking for the habitual associations to be reformed. Now a long bath and a cup of tea have replaced the association of drinking

4) Blood pressure normal
Well almost. I had it checked last week and it's slightly elevated, but only slightly. I still smoke but plan to quit this tomorrow

5) Feel fitter
Huge difference in feeling fitter and done no extra exercise

5) Lost weight
I've been shoving loads of crap into my mouth to compensate the booze... chocolate, sweets, Subways... I still have lots 10lbs

All in all, it was 2 weeks that were mostly difficult, but this was mainly just learning that the cravings would last about 3 hours. After that they would subside. The cravings are just cravings and I realised they would come at a certain time and eventually go away which they did. This happened each eve so I was prepared. It'll likely be different for everyone but for me it happened this way!

Just wanted to share as it was these posts that helped me and continue to do so.
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Congratulations! And I’m glad you’re starting to feel better.
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Assuming you're smoking a significant amount, your blood pressure will probably normalize when you stop. When I stopped and didn't adjust my medication, mine dropped REALLY low.

Feeling fitter with crap eating and no exercise? Imagine how you'll feel with good food and a workout plan!
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