Hi, new here!

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Hi, new here!

8 days sober. Been drinking on/off for 20 years. I am 35. I am starting to get symptoms that are worrying me. Going to a check-up on thursday and I'm terrified. Bloodwork was normal. Even if my life won't BE long, it sure is going to feel long. Time is warped and I feel so tired and sad. Trying to stay positive!

I have two children and everything going for me. I need to forgive everyone, including myself. Thanks for listening, XO
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Hi and welcome! 41 here with two young children. Lots of great info on this site and wonderful people. Congratulations on your 8 days!!
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Great to have you join us, RaptorGirl. 8 days is wonderful. You're never going to regret this decision.
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Hi Raptorgirl! Lovely to meet you.

I'm 37. Been working of the last year trying to really get a handle on my addiction though I new a decade ago I was in real trouble. I've had two really long stints in counselling and I think that was vital in my figuring out things enough to try and stop drinking. I had so much guilt and shame, I was so angry at everyone and I was so disgusted with who I was that I didn't think it would ever change but it has!

Self-forgiveness is massive. If you feel you need some help working on that go and find a good counselling or maybe a group? I honestly think it's key to moving forward. Best wishes to you xx
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Hi, RaptorGirl! Good to have you onboard. 8 days sober is awesome, good going.
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welcome to SR Raptor Girl

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Thank you all

For the warm welcome!

I am already in an outpatient programme, therapy and antabuse. It is really helpful knowing that drinking is not an option. (Or I will get sick or have trouble with child services). so I set myself up for success. I had a trauma six months ago and ended up drinking a bottle og vodka a day. I feel lucky to be here, frankly.
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Hi RaptorGirl, great to have you join the community! Lots of very wise and caring people here, I'm not sure where I would be without them. Post as much and whatever you want, we all care and are 100% behind you on your journey to sobriety. 8 days is awesome, keep up the good fight and look forward to reading more of your posts! xx
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