Over 2 years wasted

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Yep, I'm with everyone else. Those two years sober were not wasted. It has allowed you to see that you were happier sober and you came here right away to face your addiction head on. Take a look at your recovery plan and see where you need to build a stronger foundation so you don't relapse again. This doesn't have to be a big deal, but merely a blip in your path to sobriety.

I'm sure your liver doesn't see it as wasted time and enjoyed those two years off the sauce as well.
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I was just rereading some of my old posts and wondered how you were doing. I notice now that you’ve been posting on other threads so I’m guessing you’re back up and running. Anyway, I hope you’re well.

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Congrats on owning up.

Ime...1 day out of over 700 is no where near a total loss.

Even 100 days out of 700 is impressive to most.

I tell myself that I am now a non drinker.

But, I also call myself an addict for life.

It is a personal thing though. I don't advertise my personal life regarding drinking with anyone outside of sr.

Just me.

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Today in AA a guy shared that his sponsor made him get into the habit of reading 2 pages of the Big Book every morning when he wakes up. He said at first he didn't get it. But now he does. And what he said next I found extremely powerful:

"Because it helps me remember who I am everyday. And the difference that could make in a 30 second moment could be life or death. We can't afford to forget that we are alcoholics, not even for a moment."

Good on you for coming back. Doesn't have to be full blown relapse. Hope you find what you need.

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Hi All and thank you for the comments. Its a week since relapse but I am back and fully committed to the sober wagon. The first few days were a struggle mentally as I was disappointed with myself etc but that subsided. Since, I have started a journal to remind me of this incident, how I felt etc and to have something to refer to in case I let my guard down. I am back running, spent the weekend decorating and gardening. One bump in my road doesn't have to end my journey.

Thank you all who pulled me through and listened whilst I vented on my opening post.
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