Tough time of day

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Tough time of day

I convince myself every morning that the dry life is the right life for me. I read a ton here, check out all of the sober instagrams I follow and am gungo ho about sobriety. Then happy hour rolls around, and I think just one glass to relax. It's never just one though. These days it isn't even just one bottle. I want to be strong and get through the next few hours to when my head hits the pillow. When I'm on a roll and have several days under my belt, I feel like I can abstain forever. I'm so rested, happy and productive.

Do you guys have those moments where your brain just clicks- I'm going to drink tonight. And there's no turning back. It's weird. It's not even that I want to drink sometimes. It's just that I think "This is what I do. This is how spend my night."
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I use to. I called it the 'zombie me' because even though I did not want to drink I was "taken over" by my AV and turned into a zombie going to buy alcohol and drinking for the next couple of days. Now I just play the tape forward and remember how sick I get when I drink and that I cannot drink or I will die. I want to live and I am stronger than my addiction.
Someone posted that "No one wakes up in the morning thinking 'I wish I would of drank last night'!"
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Yeah, It definitely takes a while to get used to not raising various containers to our lips and glugging back its contents greedily. After repeating a habit so many times, when we stop, we haven't got a clue what to do with ourselves, and that all adds to the tension.

If you think of getting a drink just don't get out of your chair unless your house is on fire. And only then if it's serious.
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I remember the lure of alcohol. At 2 1/2 years out, it still sneaks up on me occasionally. What works for me is to acknowledge the urge, "Yes, you can drink if you want to." Then I play it out in my mind, and it never ends well. Are you analytical? Make a list of pros and cons of drinking, short and long term. Are you more on the emotional side? Think about all of the feelings you have before, during and after drinking, or how your actions affect the feelings of your loved ones. Getting sober is hard. Staying sober is sometimes hard. For me, the alternative is unacceptable...but I do have to stay vigilant. You can do it too!
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Yes, that happens to me, too, silverskies. It's a darn miserable place to be because it is as if those happy and proud days of sobriety weren't even real. I'm learning that the harder days are the days that make me even happier and prouder that I didn't pick up.
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It is VERY difficult to see you still have a choice in those moments. I get it.

Would it be possible to carry a small list with you at all times that reminds you of how your morning will be if you DON'T give in? Sometimes that's enough to get me through.

And wow, the reward in the morning when you didn't.......
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Hi silverskies

I think posting in here at whatever time happy hour was for you is a good idea.

You can post about yourself,. read around, or post to someone else - sometimes all three.

Create a new routine - a new normal

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