Given things a lot of thought

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Given things a lot of thought

Hello again everyone. I havent posted for a few weeks now, I have been seriously pondering two words that TomSteve said to me. Those two words were "mental obsession".
I have always known and have said in previous threads, that I dont ever suffer from physical cravings or physical problems the next day. No sickness or shakes etc. My compulsion to drink come the witching hour (5pm ish in my case) is motivated by habit and opportunity.
I now recognise that I just think I should drink which is totally ridiculous. You may all ask why I would drink if I have no craving to ??!
It just seems to be stuck in my head that I need to stock up on wine just in case it runs out and then I really should drink it.
I gave up a heavy smoking habit nine years ago and looking back I did the same thing with cigaretts, always bought two many and always smoked them just because I felt I should.
I obviously do have a problem with mental obsession (thanks TomSteve for setting me on the right course to realise this) and I am now taking stock and trying to address it.
I have been experiencing some mild discomfort just below my right ribs and am waking up to the idea that I could have damaged my body by doing something that I really could have avoided by working through my thought process.
At the moment I am now mentally obsessing over healthy food and cleaner living.
Maybe I will always obsess over something but I am working damn hard to make sure I pick the right things in the future.
Thanks for reading and lots of luck to everyone just starting out and a huge thank you to all the wise owls who freely give time on SR to help the likes of me.
Have a good day everyone.
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With the help of learining about RR/AVRT( great threads here on SR in the Secular Connections forum) , I was able to name that obsession and separate from IT.
I hear my AV(Addictive Voice), the bark of my Beast( the desire for alcohol) "talking in my mind's ear", for the longest time IT had Me convinced , IT was ME.
I'm not, IT is and I am, but now only one of "Us" calls the shots , I Don't Drink, IT is frustrated, too bad.
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