first drinking dream

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first drinking dream

Now I know why I had it, I had a really stressful day yesterday and was able to recognise it was a time that I would grab a couple bottles of wine to 'relax'. I didn't, and I didn't actually even want to, so wasn't an urge I had to fight. I just knew consciously, this was a time I would buy the alcohol over 2 weeks ago.

Then last night I had the weirdest dream, that I was out at a party and was drinking, and I was in a panic to hide it, so didn't get caught. In the dream I could literally feel the panic and the worry that I would be discovered and I was so devastated. I woke up taking a few seconds to realise it hadn't happened, but feeling really upset, as well as relieved it was just a dream. I'm so glad I don't have to wake like that and actually have done something to be ashamed and panicked about anymore. But left me feeling a bit out of sorts today. Lets hope I don't get too many more of those!!
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Haven't had those yet but I have been spared excessive stress so far. Good that you recognise where it came from! And very insightful that you can pinpoint that was where you would normally try to unwind by drinking.

I do have a lot of nightmares so I know how much a dream can impact your day. Maybe you can do something fun and relaxing to distract yourself from the dream and yesterdays stress so you'll hopefully have sweet dreams tonight.
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I had several drinking dreams, more like nightmares, early on.

They slowly went away as my sober time increased. I had one a few days ago. I can't remember the details, but I do remember it was a bad dream.

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ntb- this stuff is so common at SR being shared I kind of have my response down pat.
Drinking dreams suck. Dreams to me are the brain talking to itself and I overhear them talking. It is rewiring and rerunning old memories with new information. Do drinking dreams have significance? To me they do- it is DO NOT DRINK! When I have one- I remind myself that dreams, like memories do not hurt- only what I do now does that. To refocus on the day- I do the mindful bit- close eyes, touch a surface, take a breath or 2 and listen to the sounds around me, the smells etc.
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Oh, the feeling of the dream- and the wake up!!! I haven't had a drinking dream in awhile but I still remember a couple I had last year (my first year sober) so clearly. The relief on waking up from two in particular was staggering.

Take care and keep going. Glad you shared!
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i got up,made some coffee and got the things done I didn't yesterday. And I have been extra thankful that firstly I did not get lured in to drinking last night after a hideous day, and secondly, that how I felt this morning shows the positive steps I am making. Because as I sat with my coffee I just had a shudder and thought 'thank god I don't have to feel that for real anymore'. I feel better now, silly how you can feel ashamed of what you have done in a dream LOL. I'm over it, I don't doubt this is common and expect more over time. Time to move on with the day and shake it off, and its added to my resolve to NEVER go back to that again!
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Ggod one
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