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Thanks, Zero! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks sober for me, and your post really helps! I'm printing it out to save - with July 4 coming up I'm going to need a lifeline.
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sober style
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Originally Posted by zerothehero View Post

4) If you can read, do it, and if you're reading this, then you can read. Rediscover the life of the mind. Read about recovery, and find other books that interest you. Learn to relax and find comfort in the world of thoughts and sensations. Having interesting books around helped with the initial boredom caused by thinking I was supposed to be out looking for thrills.
I love this part, very true! The profound nature of getting lost in a great book beats the the cheap thrill of getting drunk hands down every time.
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Hero! You are awesome, congrats, great job!!! And thank you for sharing.. so very inspirational!
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Awesome post.
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Fantastic Zero!!
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