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hi i'm sarah
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Unhappy Withdrawing

Hey everyone. I'm new to this scene but I just really need to vent. I've quit drinking completely after a few days of a binge fest and I'm really scared. I'm pretty young and high functioning, but I have depression and anxiety. To top it off, alcoholism runs in my family with my dad being a recovered alcoholic and my brother being a current alcoholic. I'm super anxious, sweaty, and my hands feel numb. I go in and out of feeling nauseous. I've really never experienced alcohol withdrawal before. I usually have a drink or two every day, but I've gone periods without drinking for a week or so and have felt fine. I'm just really scared and I want it to go away. Typing this out is making me feel better. This post is so all over the place but I'm!!!! So anxious!!!!!! I know it's all temporary but I don't know what to do except ride it out. And I'm too scared to tell my family or friends about it.
Thanks for your time to anyone who reads this. I'm going to go back to laying down.
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I would suggest you see a doc. W/D can be dangerous- seizures.
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I agree. Withdrawals are nothing to mess with. There's always the ER if you are really worried. John
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hi i'm sarah
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You're both right. I actually just called my parents to talk to them about it and I feel a lot better. I think I was more anxious about admitting that something is wrong. I talked to my dad who hasn't touched a drink in 24 years and got some insight. I don't drink to black out but I drink at night by myself or out and about so it's...I guess a long process of just building up a tolerance and anticipating this at the end of the day has ruined me.
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Hi and welcome CB

Glad you feel a little better, but if you're worried seeing a Dr is definitely the way to go

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least (06-20-2017)
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Withdrawals from alcohol are a special kind of hell.
I couldn't stop drinking because of them. Stopping was a whole lotta nope.

I got help. Therapy, classes, SR, meetings, and (for me personally) Antabuse.
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Hi CB. I hope things have eased up a little for you. I too went cold turkey several times and the last (I pray) time was a whole kind of new hell. My fear of the docs due to being on the radar of social services a few years ago kept me away from the docs. Symptoms ranged from terrible nausia and diaorriah to chronic anxiety, racing heartrate and utter lethargy, confusion and light headed. I could go on. I wasn't alone my partner monitored me. Point being it is very dangerous and I was taking a massive risk with my health. Firstly confiding in your parents is a good first step. Can you go stay with them for a week? Secondly the only truly safe way to detox is under medical supervision. My story is mild I've heard a lot lot worse. Please take care, hydrate, rest and consider a trip to the docs. On the positive side work on your thoughts friend. Make this the last time you have to go through this!
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Hi CB -

You are me, 2 months ago. It gets better, but it's not a straight line.

I'd recommend you make contact with a medical professional, or at least a substance abuse counselor. Also, get your local AA schedule, and reach out to someone in the meetings. I'll admit to not liking AA very much or all the time. But it's great for what I call "the mechanics of sobriety" - how to get through withdrawals, how to relate with people who still drink, etc." You can start there and then see how you like the rest of it.

I also used to be able to stop for a few days and feel fine...until all of the sudden I couldn't. Coming to terms with that, in addition to not picking it up, takes some reflection. definitely keep hitting up your dad for advice.
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hi i'm sarah
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You're all that I've actually slept (sort of) on it I can think more clearly. I'm not sure if I'm truly withdrawing (probably am) but I'm not an anxious mess anymore. I don't feel sick anymore, or anxious or shaky. Maybe it'll come back but I took today off of work just in case it does.
For me It's more of I just anticipate a drink at night but I don't wake up drinking, I don't miss work for it, no one really knew that it was a problem for me cause I guess I hide it well or something. Or when they see me drink it's at social events. I just want to kill his habit before it becomes too much of a problem. My dad won't go into deep details with me about what happened to him as a result of his drinking but my brother has had I think two DUIs and a DWI which he's paying heavily for now. Has an interlock in his car now and had to do a lot of community service to avoid a week or so of jail time. I knew that I'm closely related to two alcoholics but I didn't realize that literally my uncles, an aunt, a grandpa and great grandpa were all alcoholics.
I guess I just feel really super ashamed of it, which is indicative of there being a problem. I shouldn't be, but I still do. Like I've failed or tainted my parents' view of me. But I'm lucky that they're super supportive. I've just got to start this now. I'm 24. I'm looking at AA groups in my area. I'm not particularly religious or anything (I've heard it runs that sort of line) but I think it'd be helpful to be around people who can relate. I have friends who I know binge drink but they won't open up on their own about it to me so I don't grill them about it. Anyways, thanks for reading. I just need to learn to believe in myself.
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You're a smart man to address this at such a young age. You wont' regret it. Stay strong bud.
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I used alcohol to self-medicate anxiety/depression/insomnia and I found it wasn't long before the alcohol was controlling me and stopping was terrifying. I'm glad you're ready to do this. It's good your parents are helping. Do keep in mind going to an ER or your dr if you are concerned.
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hi i'm sarah
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I have clinical depression and anxiety and I know that using alcohol has a crutch has not been helping my mood at all. I know a number of SSRIs can make it so much worse. Some people swear that certain antidepressants mask the feelings of a hangover, which I'm sure mine do, because I very, very rarely get hangovers. I'm hoping if I can manage to stay dry my overall mood will improve.
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Welcome to the Forum Controlledburns!!
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