30 Days sober today and a sudden change.

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30 Days sober today and a sudden change.

I have been a daily drinker for roughly 18 years. A functioning alcoholic with a decent job and social life, but the worsening hangovers were starting to really impact me, and worries over the long term damage to my body and mind. I quit cold Turkey exactly 30 days ago, with minor withdrawal symptoms for the 1st three days, and then the misery really kicked in. I had read that alcoholics often fail because it feels more painful to not drink, and I experienced this first hand. The absolute worst was the fatigue, slight insomnia and MAJOR Brain Fog. I've been lurking on this forum, and have seen these as common complaints, but to experience it was scary. Craving wise, the weekends are my only worry, but I have a good support team to help me through.

After 29 days of misery and wondering if I would ever feel normal, the strangest thing happened: I woke up today feeling better than I have in 10+ years. Not 100% perfect, but 200% better. Has anyone experienced the same sudden lifting of the Brain Fog and fatigue? I'm hoping it's permanent, but I expect bad days still ahead, but know I can get through them knowing I can feel like this again.

I'm typing this on my lunch break at work after having the most productive morning since I can remember. I've heard it gets more painful each time after a relapse, so another huge reason to stay sober. I'm lucky in a sense that the majority of my friends are non-drinkers, and their activities don't center around alcohol. Now maybe I can join in instead of sneaking off early to run home and drink myself to sleep.
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Originally Posted by Mason9999 View Post
I'm hoping it's permanent, but I expect bad days still ahead, but know I can get through them knowing I can feel like this again.
I wouldn't have stayed alcohol free for almost seven years if feeling good weren't the norm. Congrats on having a glimpse of the future. Enjoy.
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Well done on 30 days 😄👍🏻

I'm in your previous 29 days - miserable today I am!

Hope everyday gets better for you - keep posting how it's going as helps people like me!
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Congrats on 30 days! You really do keep feeling better!
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Welcome, Mason999, to SR; so glad you found us.

Sobriety rocks.
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It soo does not suck
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I sure did experience what you did. The initial withdraw for me wasn't bad. Well I expected worse so I guess I viewed it from that perspective.

I didn't really feel normal for a few months and it wasn't every day. Slowly but sure I felt a little better as time passed.
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Wow thanks for your post, I too made 4 weeks yesterday a 1st for me in over 10 years for alcohol and weed daily before that for even longer. Also functioning pretty well mostly..
Anyway I too was waiting for the euphoria or something and today I think I had a glimpse, in work 2 things happened. One - I suddenly felt very sharp & present in a moment & I absolutely attributed that to not drinking. Secondly a realisation- I realised in need to make more changes on my days off to my lifestyle .. but that's another thing. Anyway congrats to you & me !!! (Even if I'm congratulating myself ha!)
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Welcome and congrats on the 30 days! I'm at 108 days and I still find the physical obstacles worse than any mental or emotional struggles.
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Welcome to the family and congrats on the first of many sober months!
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Good for you Mason! Keep at it! Feeling pretty good everyday will become your new normal. I seem to have gotten used to it.
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It seems everyone's timetable is a bit different. But I firmly believe that ultimately the fog lifts and things start feeling really good.
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Welcome to SR mason and congrats on 30 days - and on feeling good

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That is great news. I heard a great lady with good sobriety share in a meeting once about how miserable and angry she was at the world. She said, "I know this will pass." I heard her again another time telling us how awesome she felt and life wouldn't be better, then she said, "I know this will pass." I thought about that and will find myself when I am really hurting saying this will pass. but when I am elated and happy with the world I just enjoy it.

Great you feel this way. Keep posting.
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I was a crazy, out of control daily drinker, and I didn't think the withdrawals were really that big of a deal.
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Thanks for all of the well wishes

Thanks all. I fully expected withdrawal issues after 18 years. I literally don't remember my last sober night before this stretch. Feel awesome again today despite that I've only been getting about 6 hours of sleep per night, even when I had the extreme fatigue. Feels so weird trying to go to bed sober, but I think the 6 hours of good sleep beats the 8+ hours of drunk sleep hands down.

I worry about my first sober weekend feeling good and energized, so I arranged to attend my first AA meeting Saturday night, when I typically hit the bottle the hardest.

Again, thanks for all of the support.
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Good morning. 6 hours of pure sleep is amazing. Drink lots of water today, eat some real food, treat yourself, don't be hard on yourself. Having a plan for this weekend is HUGE. There are meetings all day everyday just look and plan. I enjoy going and sitting, just being there and listening. You don't have to talk. Just listen.

Each day you will get a little better. proud of you.
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