want to quit but love it

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want to quit but love it

i dont knw how to do this. i want and need to quit. i want to be happy again 3 little innocent angels look up to me. . i dont want to feel useless. i am all they have.
and then....... theres the other side. love the feeling it gives me. the rush.
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Welcome to SR lostone. One of the big motivators for me to quit drinking was my family also, I have 3 kids too. I liked the rush too, but in the end the rush was very short and after a while I didn't even get a rush anymore - I just had to drink to function "normally".

It's quite possible for anyone to quit, you'll find a lot of support and understanding here as well as lots of good advice on how to go about it. A really good read on "how" people have gone about it is linked below if you have a few minutes to take a look. Welcome and congrats on your decision to come here and seek help, you can absolutely get back to being that person that your kids look up to. Believe it or not they still look up to you now - but you can do better, right? We all can and do. (Recovery Programs & What to Expect (What We Did))
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That rush will never love you back the way those little angels will.

Best of Luck on Your Journey.
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All of us here drank or drugged for the feeling it gave us. We loved how we felt drunk or high.

And all of us who got sober and stayed sober have realized that we don't need it, and what loved it was our addiction. Kill the addiction and then there is room to love the feeling that sobriety brings with it.
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The rush will eventually turn on you. I got to a point that I just drank to not feel anything. Please think of your three little ones . Their love for you is the one and only true rush, not this chemically induced one.
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