Happy Birthday Dee!!

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Happy Birthday, Sir!
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Happy birthday Dee, may you spend it doing what you love most with those you love most. Thanx for the dedication to this community.
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Happy Birthday and nice to meet you all!!
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Happy birthday!!!
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Dee, you've been one helluva a friend to me. And considering you're halfway around the world and we have never met should say something. Have a great day. Jeff
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Happy, happy birthday Dee. Thanks for all of your support and wisdom.
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Thanks again everyone!

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learning to live
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Happy birthday to one of the most beautifully caring people I know, Dee

You are a blessing to so many! You deserve the best birthday ever
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Happy birthday ole man.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!! You are a constant support to everyone here Have a great day
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OMG, I'm late on this! Happy birthday, Dee! You are a truly amazing person -
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Happy Bday, Dee!
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Happy Birthday Dee!!
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Happy Birthday Dee!
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All the best for the year ahead Dee.
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