Happy Birthday Dee!!

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Happy Birthday, Dee! Thanks for all you do!! Wishing you many more with blessings and good health.
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Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
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Happy Birthday Dee,

Have a Great Day !

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Happy Birthday to you!
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Happy Birthday, Dee!!! Much gratitude and admiration today and all year through!
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Happy Birthday, dear Dee!!!!!
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Happy birthday! Have a drink...of lemonade

Have a great day!
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Happy Birthday, Dee
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Happy birthday Dee! I hope it's a wonderful one for you!
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Happy birthday my friend.
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Do your best
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Happy 48th birthday D & thank you for always helping & being there for me

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Happy Birthday, Dee!!!
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Congratulations Dee. Enjoy your day
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Happy! Happy!
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Happy Birthday to someone I have consistently seen to be impressively wise. Many more to you.
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Realising my life
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I hope you have a very very happy one, Dee!
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Happy Birthday Dee!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE! You're a rock star and I hope you have a great one you deserve.
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Happy Birthday Dee!!! Have a good 'un!!!
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