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Originally Posted by wpainterw View Post
P.S. The link I attempted to insert was deleted since apparently you are not permitted to access it on this website. Perhaps you can google it. Surely SoberRecovery can't prevent you from doing that!

There's also been a url thing inserted in this post by someone perhaps editorially but it does not seem to be working. No matter! Fuggedaboudid. I have other things to deal with. My son is in the ER right now.

Not sure what happened but I can read the link fine W.
There was no deleting or editing done

Interesting discussion here...

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Indeed, this site is hopping from dec to early feb. Lots of pain/resolve posts and then 'poof' they're gone. We all know where they went. Not a judgement as I've lived it myself. Lotsa pain is the only thing that opened my eyes. I sometimes want to tell folks to drink more, faster,harder but that sounds wrong. Tears of compassion is the place in my heart that this comes from--not malice. FO, your posts are always provocative and will yield results (some you may not want to hear). No foul--shows we all care deeply for each other and that can't be bought or marketed..
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Great thread and has got me thinking.

I think there is a distinct difference between the individual and society. On an individual level I try not to judge anyone's drinking but, like others here, am very concious that many subgroups in society will define safe drinking at a level that is causing harm. Peer group pressure, the normalisation of excessive drinking at social events (marriages, christenings etc here in Ireland are very drink sodden affairs) seems to increase the societally defined "normal" level of drinking. July 4th is the same I'm sure.

On a societal level, the drinks company's goal is to both increase market share and the size of the market and we have seen the increasing sophisticated marketing techniques and product development to do that (remember alcopops anyone). Here in Ireland we have the ridiculous situation where a drinks company (Diageo/Guinness) even managed to create a quasi-holiday, Arthur's day, for the world to drink Guinness! The ads showed people all over the world drinking to the inventor of the brand 250 years ago. It ran for 5 years and has now been pulled in favour of a music event after pressure from various groups.

I play a game, normally when I drive out to see my girlfriend, of counting how many adverts for alcohol I can spot on the way. It is eye opening how pervasive it is and almost all of them are lifestyle advertising with happy beautiful people enjoying themselves. A long way from my experience of drinking alone every night which was my pattern up until 5 months ago.
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I've played a similar game.... From time to time in a public space I will simply notice; from where I am sitting or standing, how many adverts, reminders of or actual instances of the presence of alcohol (including intoxicated people) are visible.

It can be a real eye-opener!
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For those interested, the singer/songwriter Christy Moore wrote a great song about Arthur's Day -
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Originally Posted by Serenidad View Post
. It is NOT fun!!! It's just NOT!
you say true
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