Musings from my first week...

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Musings from my first week...

I can't say that I've gone a whole week without a drink. I have not, and have already been told that this means I don't really "want" to get sober... I really do actually... And I'm doing my best. I have, though, gone a week having tapered down to one drink a day to avoid withdrawal - having gone three days throughout this week without any drink at all... It's the best I've done in years... Yesterday was the first day in over a decade I went an entire day without a panic attack. I was so scared that tapering off alcohol would cause more panic, but I feel my anxiety starting to subside.... I feel my head starting to clear and I wonder if I really might have a future (maybe even a life with a husband and a family one day!).... It's terrifying and amazing at the same time... Next week my goal is four days sober and the week after... Five.... Fingers crossed!!!
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Hi Used,

I really think it would be easier for you to just quit...maybe it's not fear of withdrawal that's keeping you drinking, it's fear of being sober?

your call...but I hope you decide to hit day oner a lot soon than a month or so.

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Glad you checked in, usedtobepretty.

All I can share is my personal experience and I know tapering/trying to control my drinking never worked for me as the first time something big happened in my life ( whether it be something that made me feel good, bad, angry, sad, shy, anxious, bored, lonely) my first instinct was to reward/soothe myself with massive amounts of alcohol. I had no defense.

Wishing you the best and I hope you continue on this road to full sobriety.
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I'm with Dee. If you are down to one drink, just quit.
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I used to try and taper down to a number of days Sober, but when switched my thinking to a number of drinks per day things got easier, the former went on for weeks and I'd eventually slip back into old ways, whereas going completely Sober based on number of drinks could be done in a shorter period of time!!

Don't give alcohol any more control than you have to, the sooner you can get down to zero drinks rather than zero days, go for it!!
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I agree, I think you are at the jumping off point. Why make any more excuses? Just do it.
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Hi usedtobepretty. (Btw, you probably still are, you just need your health and confidence back.)

I agree with everyone who's said that it would be best if you didn't drink at all. One of the most difficult things I find is thinking about the future, even the in the short term. I've been sober 4 days now (which would make 13 days in total for this month). I've been very off-and-on. My partner is gone; he couldn't tolerate the unpredictable anymore. He'll never trust my sincerity until I stop drinking altogether.
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What D said my friend
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how are you going usedtobepretty?

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Used have nothing to fear and everything to gain !

Just...let it go....

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