Feel trapped

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Feel trapped

I just can't seem to break this cycle of drinking. It's a vicious cycle because the longer i drink daily the less i am able to help myself. I can't go a day without drinking, yet the following day the demon drink leaves me physically and mentally weak. I'm only 31 but already it's starting to mess with my physical and mental health. I don't know if i can give up drink without leaving my current environment, but even short stay rehabs are extremely pricey. Alcohol has sucked the life from me and i feel unable to even get to a meeting.
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Have you considered seeing your Dr for help Harry?

As far as rehabs go the Salvation run free rehabs in various cities - they are long term tho.

Have you considered something like AA or a secular meeting based group like SMART?

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Welcome to SR Harry. It's a great place for support!
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If you want some help, call AA.

Someone will talk to you, and if you want they will come pick you up and take you to the meeting.

You have to just put it down. The cycle you are in will keep you trapped, just like your title says. You have to start somewhere. That "somewhere" is to not pick up another drink, and to go to bed sober.
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Harry, I felt trapped too, but have faith that you can get out of the cycle. You can live a happy life without alcohol. There is lots of support here. Have you talked to your dr about stopping drinking?
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I'm glad you found us Harry - we all understand. I hope talking things over here will help with the anxiety you're feeling. You can let go of it and get free.
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I was a daily drinker from the time I was 30 until I stopped at 49. It's hard to stop, believe me, I know. Where there's a will, there is a way.

If you have a doctor, schedule a consult and be completely honest about alcohol consumption and that you want to quit.

Spend a lot of time here, reading and posting. Something someone says will resonate with you. Learn what works for them and try it. Read up about making a plan to quit. Read about what to do when you have urges and cravings.

You can do this. Honestly, I never thought I could. It was hard to say I wanted to and that I needed help. But I've been sober since December 1, 2013, after being a daily drinker for almost 20 years. Hang in there
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Welcome to the Forum Harry!!
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That feeling of being trapped is something I can relate to and I reckon a lot of people here can too! You don't have to carry on like this. This amazing place is full of people supporting each other and you can do it :-)
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When I was drinking, I felt trapped too. I wanted so badly to quit but was having a hard time. Finally I came to the point where I was so sick of my life I had to make a change. I stayed sober a day at a time and got thru the cravings without drinking.

At about three months sober I started practicing gratitude every day. The difference in my attitude and my life was huge. I now focus on the positives, not the negatives.

You can get sober for good. If I can, anyone can.
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Thank you for the responses all. It's difficult to explain but i have had brushes with alcohol the past 10 years, had a few short stays in rehab, went to AA a few times. But how sad is this, i don't think i truely accepted i was an alcoholic until now. Over the years it was, get clean for a week or 2 and then it was, i will drink sensibly, this drinking sensibly might last a while but it always ends up me drinking daily.

I met with a recovery worker last week who is due to see me once a fortnight, i will try to get to a meeting, if i can pluck up the courage without something in me. I will further research short stay rehabs, if i can get a place which is under 1000 for a the one week. Really there should be more affordable rehabs :/.
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Do your best
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Good luck with your apt Harry
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I hope you can work it out Harry

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