For a smart person, I sure can be stupid

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For a smart person, I sure can be stupid

Its been 70 days or so..feeling good in sobriety, and this is when I start to think, I could have one or two. What good would that do? I know it wouldn't stop there. I have done the relapse thing to death..and it almost led to my death. So, being so smart about things, why do I start to think stupid thoughts about a few not being so bad? Oh yeah, because I am stupid before alcohol, and absolutely insane while drinking it. I am smarter than that, until I let stupid me take over.. I dont want to be miserable with alcohol, but dont want to be miserable without it either.
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you don't have to be miserable without alcohol Life with alcohol for me was a miserable experience in the end .. the relief small and a whole pile of "stuff" just festering .

Sure it life sober might be miserable sometimes , thats life , especially when we've been relying on a depressant for so many years for entertainment . But it isn't as frequent or as often as when i drank .

There is a whole world of good and interesting suff going on you miss when you're drunk .

Get involved with life, get interested in something that isn't booze, stick at it ..

take care , m
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I don't think you're stupid. You've just gotten in the habit of thinking about drinking in every situation.

bored? drink
celebrate? drink
mad? drink

It's a habit that has to be broken. Has nothing to do with intelligence, as you can easily see by the wealth of wisdom just on this site. Alcoholism does not discriminate based on how smart, rich, successful, happy, or anything else. It's an equal opportunity killer.
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I agree with Bim

It takes a little work to break those associations - it might even been uncomfortable from time to time - but as long as you can remember drinking=bad, you'll get through it and things will get a little easier next time

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I thought I'd be miserable without drinking. Not true at all. I'm happier now than I've been in quite a while. Over five years sober and I don't regret a minute of it.
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