I quit because . . . .

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I quit because . . . .

There's got to be a thread for this somewhere already, so sorry if there is.

Just fancied starting one as a place to set down some of the positives of quitting.

I'll kick it off then!

I quit because I want to have the energy to go to the gym and finally get in shape.
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I quit because my kids have already lost one parent to addiction and I want to watch them grow up.
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I quit, among other reasons, cause I don't take good care of my dogs and cats when I'm drinking.
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I quit because I was breaking peoples hearts by slowly killing myself.
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........because I did not recognize that drunk in the mirror - literally. The moral decay of my life was gut wrenching to witness, and certainly to live.

My values and beliefs no longer where aligned with my actions and behaviors. I had become a terrified, scared rabbit inside the exterior of a wolf.

Keep coming back......
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I quit because I had no other choice.
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I quit because I realized I deserve better than that.
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I quit because I know I need to and I care about my future and my family. My last DUI and 1 more pending opens the eyes along with your wallet.
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Alcohol was doing me no favours, it was only causing me misery!!
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...because every time I drank it led me to danger & an unpredictable outcome.
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Also, I quit because I knew if I didn't, I wouldn't be around within 2 years.
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If I had to choose just one reason---

I quit because drinking has killed my chances with women.

I'm kind of shallow :P But it's true anyway!
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I quit because I nearly died makes more sense than I'm dead because I nearly quit.
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I quit because I got so tired of feeling sick and hung over five days a week.
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I Quit because i wasnt going out like that i almost died that shook me to the core
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Excellent thread Jack. Thank you.
I quick because I was tired of discovering there was no "rock bottom." Only shallow floors in a pit that ends with death. I was afraid if I crashed through the floor I'm on now, that's I would simply give up and welcome the end.
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As the 1st step tells us: admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable

I was dying a slow death.
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I quit because I had lost my soul - and I wanted it back.
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I quit because I realized my downhill spiral had gotten so extreme regarding finances, family and health that rock bottom was more than likely going to be 6 ft under.
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I quit because I had damaged vital organs by drinking 12 servings of vodka every night for ten years.

I quit because I didn't want to due in my early thirties.

I quit because the daily hangovers became unbearable.

I quit because I wanted to have some control in my life and good days rather than struggling through each day hungover.

I wanted my brain back and the fog to go away.

I was sick of pounding headaches.

I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
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