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Just registered. Alcohol and valium dependant. Anxiety problem. 35 years old.
I can operate normally on a day to day basis. Can't live normal life outside. I'm creative. Positive. Not had or have bad life. Just dependant. As time goes on it gets harder to stop the booze. Lager. Benzo I know ain't so easy. Been docs. Been AA. Going for hypnotherapy.
I know I can be better. My will power is not strong enough lately. Can anyone relate and help.?
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welcome to the forum, stick around, you'd be surprised at what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.
Many here have conquered alcohol and felt the same as you in the beginning.
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Hi neversurrender - welcome

I can definitely relate with my will power not being strong enough, because a good part of my will still wanted to get high and drunk.

Acceptance worked a lot better for me.

I accepted I could drink and use, or I could be the person I wanted to be...but not both.

Getting sober is hard no matter how you do it, but once you choose a side and find the right support, it gets a lot easier

Good to have you here.
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yep... can totally relate.

I can tell you that sobriety is a million times better.

You don't have to stay on this cycle.


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Exercise and a good diet have both been critical for me in handling my anxiety and alcohol issue. Without the exercise I would definitely have continues issues. While I have had some lapses over the last 25 years, I have been sober for the most part. Currently a bit over 14 months completely abstinent and enjoying life. Without exercise I do not believe it possible.
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Welcome to the family! I finally got sober when I wanted to be sober more than I wanted to drink. It's been over five years now and I don't regret a minute of it.
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Learning to live again
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Welcome neversurrender - it's so good to meet you.

At 35 I was the same - I had no 'good' reason or excuse to drink, but I found myself increasingly dependent on alcohol. I didn't stop then, though. I kept playing with it, trying to use willpower, for many more years. In the end, I was drinking all day & my life was torn apart. This never has to happen to you. We are here to help.
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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Almost 700 years sober
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Welcome NeverSurrender
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