2nd dui

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2nd dui

Hello to everyone here, it is nice to have a place online to go. I got my 2nd dui a month ago and still haven't been to court yet. I have been to treatment before and it worked for a few months following, unfortunately I didn't listen to the members and stopped going to my meetings after only a few weeks. I soon relapsed as I should have expected. Since treatment I have been in the navy which I thought would straighten me out, but I end up wanting some food after some drinks and get popped for another dui. I do not have the time to attend meetings as much as I would like due to being at sea several weeks each month. Just trying to deal with all the stress and unknowns that are soon to come. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? Thank you
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Welcome aboard boliver123 -

SR is a great community to get support and suggestions on how tos - we have all had our own version of alcohol making problems in our life and struggling to quit.

One suggestion for the anxiety and the unknown, just taking it 1 day at a time can help (similar to alcohol technique).

Do you have a plan yet?
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I am trying to make a plan. Once this whole legal thing is over with I can focus more on my sobriety. I know sobriety is supposed to be the first priority but my head is spinning.
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Welcome to the Forum!!

Sounds like alcohol is causing you a lot of misery, might be time to draw a line and part ways, as it doesn't sound like it's doing you any favours!!

You'll find loads of support here on SR!!
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Do your best
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Welcome Boliver
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Definitely not doing me any favors! It's not highschool anymore when it used to be fun. It's become a craving I have to fight and ultimately lose to every day
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Do your best
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Heres some help Boliver read it all there is so much help
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Welcome boliver. If you can't attend face to face AA meetings while at sea, you could attend online meetings which are avaiable if you have access to the internet. You could also work on step work on your own and contact your sponsor via email.

The bottom line for me was finally accepting that alcohol is simply no longer an option for me, no matter what I "wanted". Every time I drank I got drunk, so the only solution was not to start in the first place.

Don't forget that someone is always online here at SR 24/7, you can always find support here if you need it.
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Emailing a sponsor would be my best option, as internet while at sea is very unreliable. Thank you guys so much, AA members are the most generous folks I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The first meeting I ever went to I met a guy who took me fishing at his secret spot. Caught about 40 fish in three hours! I appreciate you guys
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Some good advice here boliver - do check out soberwolfs links


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You'll get through it...I'm currently facing one more DUI from January. I got one last July and already dealt with the court system for that one. I'm worried but you can't let it eat you up each day. Just try to do the right thing which is not drink and especially drive. I'm just over a week in after my last bender of 4 days after being sober for 35 days. You can't get another DUI if you're not drinking!
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