what day is it?

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what day is it?

That's right. It's hump day again. The video below captures the rescue of a humpback whale. The animal was tangled in a net and very close to the end of life. These kind folks spent a good amount of time and at high risk to themselves to free this animal. What happens after the animal is free is something very rare. Call it what you want, but it is clear to me that this whale was jumping for joy.

Think of being trapped daily in the transgression of alcohol dependence.
Then one day you are at the very end of hopelessness until someone comes along and helps set you free. If that whale had not been entangled and close to its demise, those nice folks would never have been able to get that close let alone touch this creature. The animal knew it was in trouble and accepted the help of strangers. Even strangers of a different species.

Don't wait until you are close to the end. Get help now. Once you are free, you can celebrate and show your appreciation by living life to the fullest.
Living a free and joyful life.


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What a nice inspiration on a sunny Hump day!
Thank you LBrain! Love the analogy of being set free from alcohol.
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That definitely made me tear up. How beautiful! That whale was saying thank you. I have most certainly felt like that whale this week! Being set free is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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Now how do we get free of the taxes?

Happy Tax Day - said no one ever

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Yay! Leg humping! OUPS!
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Hears The Voice
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Nailed it LBrain. Nice!
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Wow, what a fantastic rescue! Thanks for sharing this. A nice start to the day.
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I like the analogy :-) thank you for sharing
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Damn tax day. I hired a tax pro for the first time in years to do my taxes properly this past year. I owed a lot for 2014 but I was happy to pay and get my situation back on track.

Then the other day I got a letter from the IRS, who snooped around in my 2013 return and are now asking me for $7,000 for that year. Crazy thing is, I only became re-employed at the end of 2013 and made only about $10K total that year. How can they tax me 7K on 10K in earnings for something that happened a year and a half ago? They're asking for this money by May 6. Cheez'n rice. I'll figure it out. But gee whiz.
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bona fido dog-lover
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Thank you for sharing this. It made my day!
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Originally Posted by bigsombrero View Post
How can they tax me 7K on 10K in earnings
This doesn't add up at all. Did you have income from some other source? Drain an IRA or 401K? Gambling winnings? Sell a rental or business property?
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Did you know that hump day is named after Sir Leonard Hump of Greenwich?

In 1854, an aging Hump was at rest in his manor home on a comfortable bay window seat which looked out over the main thoroughfare of town.

Several horse drawn cars were travelling quite fast over the cobbled street in front of his house, causing Hump to startle from his pleasant repose.

Weeks and months passed with Hump becoming increasingly frustrated at the loud noise made by the chattering traffic. So he devised a plan.

Over the next several weeks he employed the local boys of his area to create a raised section of road in front of his home so that carriages had to slow down to avoid damage.

On Wednesday, November 25, 1854, the piece of road was finished and the speed hump was born.

Ever since then, Wednesdays have been known as Hump days to honour the grumpy old man.
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Happy hump day
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You have no idea how much you sharing
this video means to me. You touched my
heart and soul with so much appreciation
and inspiration.

The same feelings I have for my sober
recovery journey.

Thank you LBrain..!!!!!
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Thank you Brain! I was the whale caught in the net. Until a woman with long term sobriety, and my husband, convinced me to go to detox and rehab, I was stuck, tangled and sinking fast. I couldn't have done it without the support of family and a bunch of relative strangers.
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It's TAX day.
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About a month before this time of year was around the time last year when I finally admitted all my procrastinating sins to my former therapist in his office. Many times. I cried over it, too. We then got me on a serious schedule of both psychoanalytical and practical disciplines. One of the first things involved was to file the damn taxes ahead of time, which was a major pain for me back then because I, relatively newly sober, felt like being in a serious chaos of all the endeavors, bank accounts, and businesses I started over many years of globe trotting. Among many other things, the more my drinking progressed, the more I avoided taking proper care of all that. But it would not keep me from starting new things, so go figure...

For my first 3 years in the US, I actually chose not to care about all that mess at all. I was never late with filing my taxes, and I was always owned. But I simply just dealt with it based on my employment in the most minimalistic way possible, and denied everything else. So my therapist last year challenged me to deal with some of the mess, and ahead of time. I did, but incompletely back then.

I did a much better job this year (all done 2 weeks ago) though with putting order into the chaos, and while I now see a different therapist, I scheduled a session with the former one for this Friday to reminisce. Maybe I should get a few unplanned sessions with him from the money I'm getting from being more disciplined. But I actually prefer airplane tickets

I'm still on a strict no procrastination diet though and will be for a while. Sometimes I feel like inserting a fork into that part of my brain and taking off to the Mediterranean to cook and eat it.

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Do your best
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Happy hump day L
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I love that video!
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Thanks LBrain, the joy and satisfaction from the helpers resonated too. Great post. The whale flipping and jumping was amazing.
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