Hi, I'm Lazula and I need help.

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Originally Posted by FeelingGreat View Post
Hi Lazula, you're not alone. I drank a bottle of wine most nights, and still led a fully functioning working life, but it left me disgusted with myself and worried about my physical and mental health.

The good news is that if you can do this, you won't look back. Waking up every morning without the burden of guilt and self-reproach, not to mention the slight headache and nausea, is the best feeling ever.

Your aim is to get through the evening without relying on alcohol. I set up a relaxation time where I drank tea. I changed my routine slightly, and made sure I didn't come home hungry and tired. Have a protein snack mid-afternoon to prevent this. Use your weekend to cook some big batches of soup/casserole to heat in the evening, and avoid the cooking trigger. You'll be saving a lot of money from beer, so you might want to order take-out occasionally and use the spare time for a board game or a walk with your daughter.

Try to value add to your time rather than just endure, because you are doing an amazingly positive thing. It's just getting away from the cravings and habits in the first few weeks. I gave myself a year as a target, but enjoyed sobriety so much I've continued indefinitely. The thought of going back to regular drinking is horrifying to me now.
MAN! this post opens MY eyes. I was the same as far as drinking just to do things, couldnt do my work without it either. I am a musician and was recording every day, performing every other week. Drinking daily. Drinking to cook, drinking for celebration, to handle stress, to love, to fuel my day's energy. I am so happy I decided to live without it and see what it's like on the other side. But it takes a total change in lifestyle choices, and mindset. I'm still learning, drinking has been easier to give up than weed smoke, so I am still in the learning process. There is SO MUCH HELP HERE. SO MUCH. You are not alone!!
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Hi Lazula, welcome to SR

Some good advice and encouragement on this thread.

I don't know about social work but is it possible for you to get any help or support from your Department? It's just that you might be in the one industry where, at least in theory, they should be supportive of your situation.

If your workload is too great maybe you can get it reduced or is that just pie in the sky on my part? A burnt out social worker is no use to a department and they should be able to recognise that

Congratulations on acknowledging you have a problem. That's a good start
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Hi Lazula, as has been said already, you will receive tremendous support here. What I would do first, very first before anything else, is get sober/get through withdrawals (if you think you may have them). I'm sure you know what's involved in that process. Go through it, and then move on to step two, whatever that may be. I wish you the very best.
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Welcome to the Forum Lazula!!
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