I'm scared

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I'm scared

On day three. Went to work and turned around and went back home. I did 5 days twice last month and feeling quite chipper fell right back into the hole I have been in the last few years. Well today I drove home crying that I didn't want to die. I have never had withdrawal like this. Looking on-line my symptoms match anxiety attack to the T. It was just that nothing seemed to be a particular trigger. I have slept well for the last two nights. I don't see shakes in my fingers-well except during the attack. Not really nausous. It looks like anxiety attacks are my withdrawal. They are very unpleasant. I called the doctor and can't get in until Thursday-which would be day 6. I'm scared I am wrong and have something more serious going on here. Now it is afternoon and I feel better. I want to do this in private. But I did spend alot of time on SR the last couple of days. I had been here before, but when I failed (repeatedly) I just went and hid. Too ashamed.
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Glad to see you are back and holding strong despite all of this. I don't know much about how to approach withdrawal symptoms, but would it be possible to go to an Urgent Care if they have those around you?
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What you are experiencing is pretty common after alcohol abuse and multiple attempts to quit. Research "kindling effect."

You're going to be okay. Stay away from the booze. Each withdrawal gets harder. I hope you can curl up in your jammies under the covers with some herbal tea.

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I'm glad you're getting in to see your dr. Hopefully the anxiety is due to withdrawal and stopping alcohol. I had a lot of anxiety issues in early recovery and I agree, it's not pleasant, but you can get through it.
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I had similar anxiety attacks the last couple of times that I tried quitting, one time I ended up in the ER ( and it did turn out to be withdrawal based anxiety ). Like others have said, see urgent care or the ER if you think you need it before Thursday. A lot can go on during withdrawals, and your body could be depleted of certain things from your last bout of drinking...make sure to be honest with your doc when you co so they can do the proper tests.

Last but not least, DO NOT drink.....if you think it's bad now, WD's generally get worse each time.
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I can confirm that withdrawals get worst. Stay strong
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I'm on day one of withdrawal and it was super scary going for awhile there. Until you can see your doctor, practice deep breathing and look up some relaxation exercises online.

If you can get your doc to prescribe a benzo, that will help a great deal. I use them sparingly and finally caved and took .5 of Alprazolam today (I have a small supply due to an ongoing panic disorder). I will probably do that for the next three days if necessary. As well as go see my doc and explain why I have gone through more than normal.

Good luck to you. You can get through this. Please follow up when you can!
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Its a cold and its a broken hallelujah.
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It the anxiety attacks that became so unbearable that I finally decided to stop drinking.

You should be through just about the worst of it. Please hang in there.
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If your struggling with WD pls seek help at ER

its a lot safer
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Keep pushing through!! You ca do this!!
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I am on day 10 and still swing between anxiety and depression. The .5 benzo my Dr gave me definitely helps. I have been isolating and laying on the couch for the past two days doing nothing. It's an effort to do anything. I have a disabled wife and a child at home so l do have to take care of the house. I have not gone back to work yet. I feel very hopeless at times. My thoughts and worry sometimes get the best of me. I am determined to make it work this time but very frightened.
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I'm back. I spent the night in the hospital. A read the suggestions given and decided only I could make the decision. By late afternoon there was nothing that helped the pounding heart and breathlessness, acute anxiety. I finally got in the car and drove myself to the emergency room. By then I was trembling and couldn't even sit still. I kind of got bumped to the front of the line when I mentioned the worry about my heart. I was evaluated quickly. BP was 211/98. They set up an IV medication to bring that down. The ER doctor told me there are strong similarities to a strong anxiety attack symptoms and WD symptoms. From the EKG he said I had all the signs of alcohol abuse withdrawal. (Well I did tell the truth from the moment I came in.) I asked why overnight and he said the drugs being used where powerful and dangerous and I would possibly stay for two nights. I stayed one and the last PB reading was 130/85. I am 59 yrs old. So that may have made them more cautious. Slept well except for lying on the damn heart monitor box. I was given lists of all the AA groups and for an Addiction Center. The doctor for my Thursdays appointment came by. Keeping that appointment. It was scary, but I was treated well by everyone.
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Glad to hear you went to see the doctor, and came out well. Stay strong!
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I'm really glad you went to the hospital.

Take care of yourself and get rid of any alcohol in the house.

Try a meeting today if you feel up to it. It will help settle you.
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Hi becomingsober, it was very courageous (and smart) for you to do what you did. I think you should be proud of yourself. It also sounds like it may have been necessary, that's pretty high BP and I can relate to the breathlessness, its scary.

Sure glad you are feeling better. I wish you the very best.
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I'm so glad you went too.. Your BP was through the roof.. As some of the other members said the withdraws get worst every time.. Would like to know why but I believe it.. It's what keeps me sober.. Never, ever want to feel like that.. Hope you go to that meeting!
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BecomingSober, I don't know you, but I have to say how extremely proud of you that I am. To have the insight to go to the ER, to be brutally honest with the doctors, to ask of help - all of that, is really, really inspiring to a lot of us who simply wait and blindly hope that things get better. You did something about it. And that is very impressive.

I shudder to think of what could have happened if you had continued to experience a BP of 211/98 for an extended period of time. This is a very good lesson you have given us. Thank you for that.

Good luck on your sober journey. I am glad you are here with us.
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I'm glad you got some help BecomingSober

whats the plan from here on in?

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I'm so happy for you that you went and you got help. I've gone twice to the ER for anxiety related to withdrawal. But the first time around I didn't. I experienced what you did. I took public transportation to work and then had such an awful panic attack my brother came and took me home. Stick with your appointment.

Whatever you do, once the attacks pass, don't do what I did and start drinking again. "Hey! That wasn't SO bad! I think I'll do it again." That was a bad idea. You did the hard part. You reached out for help. I've always found the ER personnel extremely kind. Please keep us posted on your progress.
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I thought this time I would finally just quit on my own. I had recently done twice 5 day stretches with very minor WD. Reading "kindling effects" I tend to agree. I was drinking 4 beers during the week and 6-8 the weekend dates. Doesn't seem like much to some. But this "off and on" continuely is apparently very bad and more likely to result in increasingly dangerous withdrawals. I am going to see the doctor on Thursday and discuss my options. My out of pocket limit will be reached with this hospital visit, so possibly I can get care for the rest of the year without additional cost? Will have to check on this. So I will have no excuses.
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