Why!?!? Why would anyone have one drink?

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Originally Posted by beerbgone View Post
Me too Troyw. I've gotten up many mornings and found half finished beers here and there. In my drunken stupor I just forgot I had one open and would go get another! LOL
LOL, one of my aunt's used to be the worst for that. Any given time, about 5 drinks and 5 cigarettes going.
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Me either.. Guess that's why I'm here as well
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I've never understood this either. Like when coworkers ask if I'd like to go to happy hour after work for "A Drink". If I went to happy hour after work it usually meant me going to the bar at 5:00 and staying out until midnight or later until I was sufficiently hammered enough to call it a night. One or two drinks just never registered to me as a legitimate option.
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I will sometimes observe people who are drinking alcohol. As I watch them, I will occasionally think "Man, I would love to drink about 6 or 7 of those cocktails." My AV never says, "Man, I would love to drink ONE of those."

That is how I know that I can never drink again.
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I do not think ever in my drinking history, was one ever enough. There was a time when two was enough, but always, it was at least two.

Then it got to where only a whole bottle of wine was enough. And then a bit more. Slippery slope.
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