My first post, my first day.

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Smile My first post, my first day.

I have joined this forum as I believe a collective group of people that i'm sure have suffered from similar circumstances overcoming is one of the best motivators in this seemingly never-ending hell.

For the past two years I have fell in love with alcohol and its spell to make me awesome, and party times awesome... which it did. Did.

But after so many horrible mistakes being made in these last two years, spending all my savings, breaking my foot, running away from my parent's house and the most recent and devastating one: punching a beautiful girl I was dating in the face under the delusion she made out with another man; I've realised I have a serious problem that isn't getting any better.

Besides Alcohol becoming a self-medicating mood booster having a casual 20 standard drinks every second night, all these events have spiraled me into a great depression.

But I believe this won't be a permanent problem, and I believe I can overcome my reliance.

And with this wonderful forum it fantastic to see other people that have a similar problem overcome their addictions.
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Tommy - You've made a great decison, joining the website
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Welcome Tommy
Sounds like the 'fun' has gone out of it and you are in the right place.
Good place to learn more about the solution to this problem.
Wish you well.
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Life is an unlikely miracle.
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Welcome, Tommy.

You made a good decision. We will give you all the support we can on your journey to sobriety.
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Hi and welcome to what can become a new way of life.
With continued determination, work and changes within we can stay sober one day at a time in a row.
For most the idea of stopping is great if we have a plan to achieve it. Our own way usually ends up in failure and sorrow. It helps if we don’t glamorize our drinking days and remember the situations that got us here as the pain subsides and we start thinking if we do this or that I can drink again.

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Welcome to SR. You are in the best place you can be to achieve success.
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Almost 700 years sober
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Welcome to Sr Tommy
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Tommy,welcome to SR. Do you have a plan to not drink?
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Hi Tommy...

Your vivid introduction sure makes me think about my own story and marvel at how I allowed myself to ride that terrible wave for so many years.

Welcome to a wonderful source of support and congratulations on opening the door of willingness to build a better life for yourself and those you care about.

If you commit yourself fully to this, you will find your life to be so much deeper, richer and more meaningful.... you will look back in wonder that you ever found yourself in that abyss, and in deep gratitude that you chose to leave it behind.
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Thankful for this community
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Welcome Tommy. This is a great place to help turn yourself on a new path.
People are very supportive.
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Welcome aboard Tommy
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Welcome to the Forum Tommy!! Great to have you here!!
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Glad you're here!!!

Thanks for posting

Willingness was the key that unlocked the gate towards sobriety for me - sounds like you have the key in your hand!!! Awesome!

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Welcome, to SR, Tommy. Congratulations on your decision to stop drinking.
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welcome tommy - hope you stick around
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bona fido dog-lover
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You've come to a good place for support.
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Tommy, this is the best Forum on the web

Read, Post and meet Friends
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Hey tommy622222, welcome.

As I'm sure you know, alcohol abuse is very progressive, and can sometimes sneak up on us. It's good to see that you are aware of the problem and you're taking steps to move forward.

You're in a great site with lots of support, and I hope to see you around!
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Hi Tommy! It's my first day as well and I can tell you after posting it was a pretty warm welcome. So I guess it's my turn- so welcome!
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