Day 1

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Day 1

So yesterday I woke up and it felt as if time was right to try again. I posted,Tired of the drink. I was not planning to try again, did not set a date or anything, I am however honest in saying I am really tired of the drink. It has controlled me for so long I have no clue at this time how I will deal with it. I have done it for so long it is who I am. I have tried to quit before, AA, rehab etc. I guess I am looking for someone to talk with and not in that kind of setting. AA to me felt like a place to tell war stories, not my style! Somehow I made it through yesterday, today I feel like a steaming pile of ****! If anyone is willing to reach out I am all ears. Thanks
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CP3, sometime the time just has to be right. I hope this is the case with you. Drinking is something you're addicted to, not who you are. Time to discover the real you.

Any ideas on what went wrong last time? And plans to avoid it this time?
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I also get tired of “war stories” almost continually at times. Then again we need to hear the message and remember when. Many things we may not like in AA or other programs may be a way of our AVs saying I can do this myself and we usually end up worse.
An idea might be to try different meetingS, Especially those encouraging recovery.

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Hi CP3,

Welcome to SR
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Felt the same way when I started AA - went round the block many times = methods to quit, white knuckle , antabuse etc. After all that I went back to AA.

Was sick and tired of being sick and tired......
I soon realized that meetings don't keep me sober. The Action of the steps got me sober and today helps me stay stopped.

I took the philosophy at meetings I would attempt to take away just one small thing every time I went. I figured if I did this simple thing, in 30 days I'd have 30 new things to help!

There are many ways, I love SR as well! SoberWolf found a great list of 50 tips - wonderful.

Just please remember this is your sobriety and we all must take ownership. AA , SR etc are your tools to build your sober dwelling!!!

Glad you posted, please keep doing it!
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Welcome to SR!

Originally Posted by CP3 View Post
I have done it for so long it is who I am.
This is incorrect. In fact, it's pure bullspit. My addiction used to tell me the same thing. So much easier for it to control me when I believed it was true.

Drinking is not who you are, it is what you did. Sounds to me like it's time to do something new.

Decide. Commit. Act.

Make a plan. Work the plan.

YOU can do this.
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Hi CP3. We're really glad you're here.

I agree with Nons - this is not you, and you have the ability to get free. You're reaching out and want a better life - some never see what their addiction is doing to them. This can be where the misery ends.
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Welcome, CP3, to SR. SR is 24/7, 365; there is always someone here to talk to.

You CAN break free from the grips of alcohol and re-discover the real you.

Keep posting.
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Hey CP3, you've found yourself in here, which is huge.

Most of know when "it's time," but few of us act on that without something else acting as an influence. Often we only find the "right time" after something has gone wrong as a result of our drinking.

If you're able to find that time out of the blue, which you seem you have done, then that's a positive thing. In-other-words, you seem to know that you need to stop and you have at least taken a step in that direction. That's no small feat by any means. In many ways that's one of the hardest steps to even take.

Perhaps today, just focus on today and so on. Things WILL improve over time.
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I can relate to the "war stories."

One day when I was nearly paralyzed with anxiety and physical withdrawal, i called one of those AA hotlines that put you in touch with a recovering alcoholic. It was absolutely a complete waste of my time. I was looking for comfort and advice.

What I got was a bitter woman who did nothing but tell me horrific stories of her drinking days. i couldn't get a word in edgewise. When i asked about medications that help with withdrawal ...if she thought that would be a good idea for me..... she accused me of being a drug addict just trying to get high.

but good luck. You've already made it a full day? That's great! Day 1 for me too!
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Hi! Congrats on day 1! My best advice is keep posting, especially if you get a craving. Support here is fantastic
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You'll find loads of support here on SR CP3!!

For me I needed to change up my day to day activities, new routines, create a new lifestyle for myself away from alcohol.

It's going to take time though so don't be too hard on yourself, it took years to get us to the point of quitting, it'll take time for the body to adjust and heal from alcohol.

Hang in there!!
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I agree with FeelingGreat... Timing is everything. I've set dates to quit, been hospitalized, and had plenty of instances where I knew I needed to quit but if I wasn't really "ready," I didn't follow through. This time around has been my longest stretch of sobriety and it wasn't even planned. Yet I've been more successful at sticking with it bc it was the right time. You'll know when you get to the point where it just feels right and when you do, support is everything. Spend time here on SR, find new activities, and take it a day at a time. Good luck!

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My new sober date is oct 14. I've been around and around many times, too and agree it just has to be the right time. Hope it's the right time for both us this time around!
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Apart from SR do you have a plan CP3?

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CP3 Welcome to SR ~congratulations on day is rough I know...take one day at a time...we are here for you! chat with you anytime
Belief in self is greater than disbelief from others.
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