Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone

Hope all is going well for everyone. My name is Chris, Long story short. I've been a heavy drinker since I was 15. At 24 I've been through divorce, have a small child, and always find myself coming back to the bottle because I'm always alone. Recently I've realized my body probably isn't going to take the punishment much longer, and I've lost a lot of friends etc along the way. So after many tries and obvious fails, I thought maybe I could find support in others that are fighting the same battle. I've drank daily for at least the last 4-5 years, and am just trying to break free. So I thought maybe we could all motivate each other. Good Luck to all, Just digging for support and hopefully to break free of this disease.
God luck to all and god bless.
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Welcome Chris!

There is a lot of support so I'm glad you found us and posted.

We do understand how hard this is.
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you will find lots of support here.x
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Hello and welcome.
I drank daily for 23 years. The last ten were a nightmare of morning till I passed out.
You've been through a lot and I found there's nothing alcohol will make better.
I tried and failed many, many times. It took going to AA for me. I still drank, but it was never the same. I felt guilty when I drank. But it was back to my old ways in short order.
It took a scary withdrawal and the mornings filled with fear, anxiety and regret to make me quit.
Many of us here are recovering in different ways, so I hope you stick around and read and post. You'll find lots of support.
You're young, I wish I had seen my problem at your age. Best to you.
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I found SR 11 months ago, after 20 years of heavy drinking. Thanks to the good people here, I haven't picked up a drink since the day I joined.

You will find a lot of support and helpful advice here. I know I did.

Good luck. Welcome. You are among friends.
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Welcome Chris, you'll find a lot of support and encouragement here. Glad you've joined us.
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Welcome to the Forum Chris!!
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Welcome, Chris! Stick with us, this is a great place.
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Welcome to the forum Chris. Keep coming back!
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Welcome, Chris!
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Glad you are here, amigo.

Sobriety has been quite a blessing to "this Chris".

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Hi Chris,
I'm 26 and sounds like we have something in common in that I drink due to being alone, even though I'm not really alone in that I live with my fiance...I definitely looked for drinking excuses! Anyway, this place is amazing. I've relapsed a lot and always been welcomed back. Message me if you want to talk as a newbie to sobriety!
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Learning to live again
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Really glad you joined us Chris - SR helped me find the courage to stop. We know you can too! It feels great to be free.
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Welcome to the family. You've come to a great place for support in getting sober.
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Welcome Chris. Glad you made this decision. Lots of support here. It really helps. Went camping 2 weeks ago. Didnt drink because of the people i met on this site. It really empowered me.
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