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Realising the Truth

Hi, Im quite new to this site..
I rec realised that changes are needed in my life.
I started drinking after a breakup with an ex 4 years ago and because the daily routine of havin a drink it seems harder for me to stop. I try to have at least one day a week where i stay away from the booze but sometimes it seems too easy to pop down to the shop and get a bottle or two. I have now got into the habbit of havin a beer or two with lunch.. because its easy for me to go home and have one. Im not sure what to do to stop / cut down... it seems as though walls are falling around me, as i get frustrated when the people i love tell me to have a break or stop. I know that i have to end this..
i asked a friend about it and after saying 'i think im an alchoholic...' he said "welcome to the club..."
Is there anyone out there that could help.. give advise on how to make things easier - i dont know who to turn to or ask for help...
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Still hangin` on...

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Welcome Asimile8!!!!

Well......I am not sure if you actually admitted that you have a problem. But if your life has become unmanageable because of your alcohol use then you do. I never really considered myself an alcoholic. If I had the choice between
a drink or a drug--Its the drug!(alcohol is a drug--yes) But....It was when I went to detox/rehab that I realized(with the help of professionals) that I have major problems with alcohol. Detox/rehab is an option. Have you tried any AA meetings? Really take a look at yourself. Be honest. I think you already know the answers. Admitting that you have a problem is very hard--
took me a long time to really and trully see where my life was going. Talk to someone--either a counselor or a person in AA-someone that you really trust--that isnt going to say to you "join the club". Hang in there--AND KEEP COMING!!! This site is of great support--GOOD PEOPLE HERE!!
Take care!
"Our greastest glory consists not in ever falling, but rising everytime we fall."
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No expectations!
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Here is a link for the schedule of Alcoholics Anonymous in Melbourne. Attending AA meetings is a great bet for staying sober! Wish you the best.
Love, Eddie
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Welcome Asimil...
you will find alot of support and information here (SoberRecovery).
Going to a meeting in your area would also be a good place to start.

My name is Kellie and I am alcoholic...
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welcome asimil,
As the others said, try an AA meeting. There you will find people who are willing to help you by teaching you how they stay sober. We all do it the same, one day at a time. Keep posting and let us know how you're coming along.
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No expectations!
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You might also want to send a Personal Message to JustMe57. Her name is Lee and I believe she goes to AA there in Melbourne, although she hasn't been around here much lately.
Love, Eddie
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Hi and welcome!
Sometimes it takes some soul searching to realize our drinking has truly become a little out of control. We obsess over it, can't think about nothing else, use a multitude of excuses to have that "one drink", and then find we have a problem with it.

If you think you have a problem and want to do something about it there are many options. You can try AA, a treatment or rehab program, there are counselors, a spirtual guide perhaps, all these people and places can help you provide a solution should you feel it's time to quit. It takes work, honest determination but it can be done. You've come to a great place for support and answers. I quit the day I came here, and have not once had the need nor desire to pick up a drink again. We'll give you all the support and friendship you can handle! *hugs* Been there, done with that!
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i think you have entered a place with lots of support and guidance. the people here seem more than happy to lend an ear. sounds like you are a newbie like myself. i have learned a lot about all of these people by reading thru a lot of the threads and posts. browse around for a while. if you are like me you might not want to log off at all.
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This is the place to ask those tough questions. I am also new to this site and recovery this time around..I am so grateful for the forks here..check out other forums..and posts and you will be amazed at the love, support and wisdom found..
:rose Needtogrowup
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