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For AA people...

How long did it take you to fully commit to working the program, getting a sponsor, etc? Did you do it immediately when you started going to meetings? Were you able to stop cold turkey from day 1? I've been going to as many meetings a week as I can (2 are close to where I live so I always make at least 2) and everyone seems like they have their act completely together. I don't. I've been able to stop drinking for the most part but have had a few slips since I started on this journey in December.
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readerbaby71 (03-14-2014)
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Hears The Voice
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I went to my first AA meeting in 1991 and I quit drinking in 2013. I'm not condoning slips, of course, but you're far from being a huge screw up or lost cause after a few slips.
You will never possess what you choose not to pursue.
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Hi 2b. There are many variables among people so many different answers will be forthcoming. When I finally became sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same old same old I was ready, sound familiar? Back before the internet there weren't many options besides AA that seemed to work or were recommended. I was able to get to a meeting every day and became very active with a group that was active. In other words I got IN AA as opposed to be around the fellowship. Even though most want instant results it's a slow process getting healthy of mind for a lot of us. To me every minute spent within the program is so much worth it. Simply it's great being comfortable in my own skin. Period!





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2bhappier (03-14-2014)
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Hello 2BHappier!

I have been going to AA since 2009. I did have 13 months, but unfortunately I thought I was cured and went back out for three weeks in January. I am on day 32 now and on step three.

I have pretty much always had a sponsor (been through a lot of them!) but whether or not I did what they said was another matter.

This time I am taking suggestions. If you go to one group long enough, you will easily observe that most of us are bat shite crazy in our own way. There are old timers in my group that do not have what I want. I think the QUALITY of sobriety/recovery is what counts. Some of those people seem miserable to me.

Try not to judge your insides by other peoples' outsides and choose a sponsor that is a happy and productive person.
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lovesymphony (03-14-2014)
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My first two wishy-washy tries at AA, I wasn't committed and had no sponsor. Went back out. Third time I did 90 in 90 (post hospital detox), got a sponsor within the first month, began meeting with him regularly, working the steps, doing what was suggested I do without second-guessing or allowing my skeptical-critical faculties free rein. Finally I just kept it simple and took the suggested principles and actions seriously.

That was in 2012 and I am approaching two years. I committed and surrendered and with the help of AA (as well as SR!) my life is vastly improved, in every respect. I go to at least one, usually two meetings a week, and I feel solid in the program, not complacent, but reflective and most of all, grateful.

I also took to heart and put into practice the "one day at a time" advice. I committed to making meetings and not drinking on a daily basis. Every passing day granted me a greater sense of freedom, serenity, and accomplishment. Good stuff just started happening. And now the thought of having a drink doesn't incessantly and obsessively belabor me anymore. I love my sobriety.

I'd say it took me some time and setbacks to "get it." So keep up the effort!
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Thank you all. You are a wonderful help to me.
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Psalm 118:24
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I'm one of the few in my area that I know that, started going to AA and didn't try it once more before getting sober.
While I didn't go into a rehab and hide out like Michael Keaton's character in clean and sober, I was pretty much in AA for the same reason.

I don't take my sobriety for granted. I see my living sober every day a gift from God.
I've found this to be true, I've yet to see a truly grateful recovery alcoholic go back out.
I'm tired of inflicting pain upon myself and others.
There was absolutely no fun left in my drinking.
If you think, you're still having fun drinking, you're not done with the insanity of it yet.

J - Jesus first
O - Others next
Y - Yourself last

John 14:6
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by the time that I get to AA
I'm usually pretty burnt out
and take the Program very seriously
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2bhappier (03-14-2014)
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I started going to AA meetings in 2008 and finally got sober in 2012. I have stayed sober but still have not gotten a sponsor or worked the steps...believe it or not, I still plan to get a sponsor and do the steps! I just wanted to concentrate on other growth and changes such as joining a church/bible study first (which I did)...

Everyone should do what works for them and when they are ready to do it. To me, as long as you can stay sober without "white knuckling it", there is no timetable for how and when you decide to "work your program".
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2bhappier (03-14-2014)
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Got sent to AA in 2005 and pretty much ignored it and closed myself off to it.

Went to AA of my own volition in 2011 and got on board with it - but didn't get a sponsor, really didn't work the steps. Read the BB repeatedly. Went to meetings. Didnt drink. Came to believe I had licked my drinking problem and could allow alcohol back into my life.

Returned to AA in 2013 having realized that the 'experiment' wasnt' working. Now I'm working on the steps.... gradually. I have a sponsor. I am on SR daily. I get to meetings when I can, though sometimes I go a couple weeks without one because of my life's schedule. This time, I'm holding onto AA as an 'anchor tool' in my sobriety. Staying aware of my sobriety every day. Trying to be sure I don't stray too far from AA because the fellowship, the face to face, the understanding community and the support it provides are crucial to me staying on top of my sobriety and keeping my choice to walk the sober path energized and fresh.

~ Life!! It's WAY too good to drink to! ~
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2bhappier (03-14-2014)
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Hi, I was introduced to AA back in 2005 but didn't commit to getting sober until 2012. I've not worked the steps so I can't be said to be "in" AA but rather "around" AA. I did ninety in ninety (plus) from October 1, 2012 onwards, relapsed last August and have four months now. I haven't had a drink but all that horrible head stuff that I was drinking to cope with is still there. I was an unhappy, angry alcoholic. Now I am unhappy, angry sober person. So, I have a better idea this time around of what I need to do to have happy, non-angry sobriety and that is work the steps to work on me. I have a temporary sponsor.

So short answer to your question...I didn't start working the steps right away. I'm still working on that, four months after my last drink. You are not a failure or a loser. A woman at one of my meetings has a lot of sobriety time and only went to open meetings for five years and didn't work any steps. Then figured that she might want to. Five years. And she is one of the most together people I know.
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