So I planned a relapse

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Originally Posted by Elisabeth888 View Post
and I am not going to go through with it, but I just wanted to share how CRAZY I am. I wanted a bottle of GOOD chianti and the house to myself.

I had it all planned. Except the part afterwards and how crappy I would feel and how 8.5 months would be down the drain. FOR WHAT?

Do you think I would come here and tell you how wonderful it was? No.

I am not relapsing. I went to a meeting and told on myself. I almost feel like a deserve a white chip or something for being so devious.
The important thing is that you didnt actually do it, and you learned how strong you can be. You made the best choice possible, and you should be proud. It would have been so easy for a weaker person to just give in to their temptation, but you took action, and fought against the addiction that was trying to lure you back to hell. Well DONE!!!!!
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Elizabeth, you were the first person to post to me on my very first day one post... I remember. Inspiring that you fought off that plan. I'm realizing that i do plan them, sometimes I've been able to think the plan through and stop and sometimes not. Thanks for your post, a great reminder.
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Good for you. I am so happy that you did not carry out your plan. BRAVO!
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Sis boom bah! Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

Good on you, Elizabeth. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm a fan of the beach vacation and I wonder if I can ever go again without a tumbler of icy champagne. (I used to bring my own heat-proof plastic tumbler for my cocktails. Because I'm classy.)
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I am suitably impressed by your sober muscle. You swatted the beast in the knees. All through the "planning stage" it was dancing with glee. LOL..I have this visual of this little troll like thing doing some sort of football touchdown dance and a moonwalk in excitement...and then you ..HALTED...and it was like "HUH?...WTF??" I had her!!

No you didn't!!!

Well done.
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