Day 3 cocaine kick - looking at what ive done to my self.

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Originally Posted by fantail View Post
Oh goodness. I have become very vain since getting sober. But I also look great. Try not to stress too much, do what you can and good things are on the way.
Hey LonelyOne, you'd be surprised at how quickly your body starts to recover when you're not poisoning it. Seriously. I look at pictures of myself from just a month ago (I quit drinking, my DOC, three months ago) and compare them to now and I can't believe the difference. I think a key part of it is also that I feel so much better not being hungover or whacked out all the time and, as they say, feeling healthy on the inside usually reflects on the outside too.

Like Fantail, I have also become rather vain since getting sober and I am enjoying buying even little things for myself now when before I couldn't care less except when forced to by work. So, as Fantail says, good things are on the way, really.

Also must second Dee's advice on the tooth, get that taken care of first because nothing is worse than a toothache.

Congrats, welcome, and so glad to have you!
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