Fairly newly sober, 1st out of town trip - HELP!

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Fairly newly sober, 1st out of town trip - HELP!

Hey everyone!

Wow, I can't believe that I logged onto this site in August - probably for the 10th time - swearing I was going to quit, but having tremendous trouble. Then, in October - on the 27th exactly, I took my last drink. I am now a few days over 6 months sober! Holy crap, I can't believe the difference in my life.

I got laid off/let go from my last job - an indirect result of drinking. I went to 90 meetings of AA in 90 days. Hit 90 and felt great. Built a foundation. got a sponsor and just celebrated 180 days!

HOWEVER, I just got a new job - a TREMENDOUS opportunity. I start on Monday and for the first week, I will be in NYC for training, meeting associates, etc. I live in Chicago, so NYC is so new to me. I'll be staying in a hotel by myself...will have to do dinners/lunches.

Does anyone have any advice for me as I travel out of my comfort zone?

In my previous "life" - I would drink. I would never, ever turn down a drink. Are people going to think I'm weird if I don't drink? Will colleagues pressure me? What do you order to drink? I'm so nervous about this! Some people said to say I'm on a medication that doesn't allow me to drink. Should I say that? I just know I do NOT and I refuse to take a sip of booze. No one will know but me and I so don't want to give into that after 6 months of HARD WORK! Can someone lend any advice?
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Congrats on 6 months and on the new job. I used to travel a lot for work and still do to a lesser extent. I just keep it simple. It is often as easy as ordering a soda. Most people will not care nor will they give it a second thought. After all, lots of people choose to not drink alcohol for many different reasons. If they ask, I prefer to be honest but that doesn't mean I have to give details or a confessional. I try to limit my soda intake so I explain that to them and let them know that I reserve it for a special occasion. That is true and in a very real sense, I am celebrating and enjoying myself and my diet coke right along with whatever they choose to drink.

IMO, not drinking is a safer approach for any new employee anyway. I think it is very rare that coworkers get suspicious of someone that simply chooses to drink a diet coke. However, I am pretty sure that drinking alcoholic beverages, especially several of them can start to raise eyebrows of at least some individuals.

Stay safe, sober, and healthy. You can do this.
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In my experience, bartenders are familiar with this. If you're out of earshot, you can totally ask them "Give me something that looks like a regular drink. I need to fit in."

If you don't want to go that route, get a Club Soda with a slice of lime. Sip it. It looks like a gin and tonic. I wish you the best!
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I believe they will think you are a strong person with great work ethics. You will be able to remember all the talk, side conversations that take place even after the "work hours" are over. Stay Strong & remember this opportunity would have never came to you if you hadn't decided to live a sober life. Remember your blessings & how hard you worked to get 6 months of sobriety.

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Trips out of town, especially work trips on my own, are often my downfall, too. I understand your anxiety but it's great you have anticipated the problem in advance. Well done! Have you discussed it with your sponsor and other members of your AA group? It might really help to talk it over face to face with other alchoholics and to make sure you're in a position to ring someone when you get to NY.
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