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Originally Posted by gmanriley View Post
I'm actually amazed at the warm responses from ev1 here...
It makes me feel good and it's been a while since I felt good.
Thanks to all who responded.
Keep on feeling good. You deserve to feel good. You deserve the world. I think at times we have to get out of our own way to receive the precious gifts of this wonderful thing called "Life". I am glad that you are here.
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Hi Gmanriley.
I would be similar to you and also wonder where
exactly do I fit in? I think the people who've responded
on this thread have given some very insightful comments.
The label probably doesn't matter. I accept I have
an abusive relationship with alcohol and I need to stop
drinking entirely.

Welcome to SR and best of luck to you.
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bona fido dog-lover
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I have always found SR to be a most welcoming friendly place. We are here to listen and support.
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I love the line about living in my car with my dogs.
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Originally Posted by gmanriley View Post
Thanks HML.
It's been like 5 days for me since I got blitzed, and now it's Saturday and...
you know where I'm heading.
I am out riding my bike surrounded by nature and its beauty...and alcohol should not be on my mind...but it is.
In accordance with AA criteria if you get blasted at the weekend this would indicate a powerless state,hence alcoholism.
While I do not agree with some AA ideas and definitions IMO the 'moderate' and occasional binge drinker walks a very dangerous path regarding personal health and social behaviour and is a very small step off dis---ease.
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If your life is unmanageable, then yes. I personally was an everyday drinker by the end,

However I started out much like yourself. Just crazy Party Girl Weekend drinker. When my marriage got bad I used that to drink during the week too, then eventually when I was happy I drank to celebrate, when the sky was blue I should drink, if anything went wrong in my life I surely deserved to drink till I forgot about it.
Think about how your life would be sober?
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ty Sunshine,
and yes my life has become somewhat unmanageable.
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Alcoholism is an elevator going down. You can choose to get off whenever you want... I chose to get off before many of the "yets" had happened (I haven't lost a job yet... I haven't gotten a DUI yet... I haven't drank in the morning yet). One saying that I really like goes, "if you're an alcoholic, you shouldn't drink; if you weren't an alcoholic you won't need to." I was a binge drinker but I decided to let it go before it got much worse. My life is 100% better now and even though I get cravings, I see drinking for what it is; a mask for my emotions, a way to feel "excitement" (regardless of the fact that nothing exciting or good EVER happened when i went out to a bar or club and got drunk!), and an escape. It wasn't positive for me, doesn't sound positive for you!
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Good points Isinganyway.
I have never woken up in the morning and had a drink, I have never been an every day drinker.
But I do think it's time to get off this elevator.
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