failing miserably

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failing miserably

I have tried kicking the habit of drinking for about 2 weeks now and I am failing miserably. I just keep going back for the high and keep missing work and hurting loved ones. The woman I wanted to marry has left me, but is still williing to work with me on getting sober I just dont feel like I have the strength in me to be successful. The high is just to much and all I think about every day is drinking and that next fix.
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joygirl (04-27-2013)
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The high is never that good to justify the low. You know that I know that but it doesn't stop us. I'm the same I'm trying to stop drinking too. Your still in the early days so don't beat yourself up about this. If the girl you wanted to marry is willing to help you that tells me that she still loves you. Maybe this should be a goal for you. If she is willing to help you all is not lost try and prove to her you can or at least are willing to change. Never forget your not alone here. If you feel down and under pressure feel free to p.m me and I'll try and offer you some assistance. The last week has been the biggest emotional roller-coaster I've ever been on. Luckily today has been a good day but hour by hour I've found my mood changes. Remember everyone here can relate to what your going through so don't be afraid to look for support. Best of luck on your journey.
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joygirl (04-27-2013)
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Have you considered a medical detox? Get the alcohol out of you and start fresh. Would you consider AA or one of the other recovery programs out there?

Come here and post and read when you want to drink. Post and read til the urge goes away.

I think the desire to be sober might be stronger if you'd lost something important to you. You said your lady is willing to work with you on getting sober. Do you think she'll still be interested if all you do is still drink? Sounds like you're getting close to rock bottom. I hope you don't have to hit it.
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joygirl (04-27-2013)
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I understand how hard it is to quit drinking as I am 13 days sober. I would suggest you go to your Doctor and talk with him about your wish to quit drinking. Doctors are usually very understanding and can give you advice and possibly short term medication to make the withdrawls easier.

After that, you really need to stay on this Board and realize you are not alone. You might want to consider going to an AA meeting or another social organization that you can relate to. Getting rid of the depressive thoughts is important in early recovery.

I wish you well and hope you give it your all not only for yourself, but your girlfriend, family and physical health. Hang in there.
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joygirl (04-27-2013)
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Least said something important: Come here when you feel the urge and post and read til it goes away.
It helps! Mind and hands kept busy.
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Thanks for the support

I have been to aa and all it ever made me want to do afterwards was drink no matter how bad the stories were. I did rehab and stayed sober for a few months, but failed at that too. I can go a few weeks or maybe a couple months without drinking but then the urge takes over. I just dont see an end but I know this is going to kill me if I dont.
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First & foremost you are in my Prayers.
Anyone that really is an alcoholic, truly whole heartedly understands your frustration & fear over this.
I honestly needed treatment to quict, but not all people do. I would strongly urge you to pick up the BigBook, start with Bill W's story. See if you can relate? Then know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are people out there that want to help you, that can help you!
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I'm sorry that you're feeling so low and really struggling. Have faith that you can do this.

I think that it takes more than stopping drinking to recover. Did you make any other changes in your life when you stopped drinking? Did you change activities, hangouts, friends? I had to make a lot of changes in my life in order to recover.
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Yes you can do this! I had to get help I couldn't do it on my own. I got myself a drug and alcohol counselor and it was the best thing I did.

I just got to the point where I had enough and knew deep down that I couldn't go on like this anymore. I didn't think I had the strength to do it, but the longer I was sober the stronger I became. It doesn't happen overnight, but here I am 9 months sober! It feels good. I neve thought in the beginning that I would get this far.
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my situation is fiance left me he has 31/2 years clean..and i just keep relapsing its extremly hard for me also to stay clean. my liver is enlarged from drinking. i now throw up blood if i drink.. but we need to realize this disease is killing us, and were loosing people we love. i miss my ex so much. he means more to me then using. and you seem to love yours as well. medical detox is wonderful if you have insurance. also there is a pill your doctor can prescribe you, it helps you so if you drink it will make your body you wont choose to drink. its called antabuse..i wish you well you can do it!!!
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