Help With Finding A Sobriety Group/AA Group

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Question Help With Finding A Sobriety Group/AA Group

Hi. I have been sober for three days. I have quit several times before for a few months and have decided to try meetings, or AA a try. Maybe being around others who have experienced what I am going through, and their stories may uplift me on top of my own personal lifestyle changes. I am open to going to any AA meeting, I just think I would be able to relate more if there is a younger crowd compared to an older crowd? Or maybe just women? I am not sure, I live in the Houston area, so there are numerous choices. I am just having a hard time deciding on what would give the most to me as a young, newly sober, female. Probably over-thinking it, I know alcoholism affects all spectrums of people.
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Welcome to SR....Take a look at this site...


AA is wonderful....It saved my life...If you have any questions...This site answers a lot.

Your First AA Meeting<

Glad to have you with us!
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welcome to SR RN

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I found for myself...Trying a lot of different meetings early on until I found one that clicked with me...Where I felt right. Then making that my homegroup and becoming involved with that one....It's a good trip...Read the book....Study the 1st 103 pages and do what it says to do....The 12 steps... Find a sponsor (Someone that has done them right.) and have them show you how it's done.

Congrats on three days!!....That's a good start!!!
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Young People in AA have meetings in most states and lots of conferences and fun activities!
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Hello RN:

I suggest you Google and read AA's "The Doctors Opinion", "How It Works" and "The Promises of Alcoholics Anonymous".
See if those documents pertain to you.

I went to my first AA meeting in 1989 and it has become a way of life for me and a life saver. I had to accept AA, AA didn't have to conform to my thinking (Thank God).

I wish you the best.

Bob R
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Absolutely, check out some AA meetings, and definitely keep in mind that AA is not your only choice for recovery support. Here is a list of the best-known options:
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