Methadone to Subutex

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Methadone to Subutex

This is mey second time coming off of Dones. The first time I was clean for about a year and a half, I then met somebody who had methadone, I know my will power should have said NO, but I said to myself "oh one won't hurt" well one turned to 3 a day (30mg) Now, I am done, I have weened myself down to about a half a day, its just maintenance, I am not getting high, I have subutex, today is the last day of dones, would it be wise to take a subutex tomarrow Friday May4th around 4pm? They are in film form, not pills, 2mg films, should I take a corner of the film to help with withdrawls, my withdraw from methadone starts the next day after having none. I kick myself for my relapse, I have been to treatment for vicodin in 2008, I am very aware that I have a problem. I am equipped with Nyquil for the respitory and sneezing, vitamin B12 for energy, lots of Water/gatorade, of course the metallic taste that comes with it is hard to get away from, stomach aches, sweats, bathroom breaks are herendous, unable to eat. This is a vicious cycle and do not wish it upon anybody.
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Why not just go to a hospital and become totally detoxed? Seems that methadone was for heroin withdrawal and subutex was also for the same.... withdrawals. Why not just become free of all substances? I have no experience, so I am just curious.

I wish you well!
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A doctor will not help a drug addict. If you have never experienced it, then you will never know. People that don't know they all say that, "why don't you just stop?" addiction is a disease. Its easier said then done. I can detox at home the same I can detox in treatment, I have everything at home to detox, water, gatorade, clonidine (helps with your blood pressure) Muscle relax, Ibprofen for aches and pains. A local hospital will not a help a drug addict. A treatment center will, but I have to work at my job, so I choose to do it cold turkey, I have been through this once before. I came here for advice from other addicts. Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated, but remember an addiction is a disease and its easier said then done. I can just quit, but the physical and emotional withdrawls are intense. My advice to those that have never endured an addiction, be careful of Dr. Feelgood, if you have aches and pains IBprofen works the same, dont' fill your vicodin prescription. Just sayin' I don't wish this cycle upon anybody.
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We are not supposed to give medical advice, but all I would say is be careful not to take the sub too early. You don't want to make the withdrawals any worse than they have to be. Doctors usually induce based on your symptoms and not necessarily how long it has been since your last dose. If you don't feel like you need it then don't take it.

Maybe post over on the Sub/Methadone forum. You might get more responses over there. Good luck!
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Hi Melin

we can't give you medical advice here - it's against our rules.
Our position is it's always best to get qualified medical supervision.

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